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Anglers Jump Ship, Come Inches from Being Obliterated by Oncoming Boat

In a nightmare scenario, this oncoming boat doesn't see this group fishing. Luckily, these anglers dodge death by a few inches.

If you are looking for a video today to get your heart rate up, you have come to the right place. If you've ever been on the water and had a boat heading your direction, you know the feeling. You feel an immediate sense of panic, your heart begins to beat out of your chest and your mind starts searching for your next move.

Usually the boat makes a slight veer off in the distance and you start to relax and think about fishing again. As you can see, this wasn't the case in this video.

This large boat is coming with a full head of steam and there isn't a thing these anglers can do about it. At the last second, all three bail from their boat and escape what would likely be bone-shattering, life-threatening injuries by a matter of inches.

YIKES! Jump!

So damn close!!! unbelievable no one was killed.

Posted by Zeikel on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Thankfully, everyone on the boat made the quick decision to jump. There's a point in time when you just know you're going to have to get wet and abandon ship.

This is certainly an intense situation I hope I never have to experience. Boating accidents are no joke!



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Anglers Jump Ship, Come Inches from Being Obliterated by Oncoming Boat