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And February's Moron of the Month Award Goes To...

These jackasses... for very obvious reasons.

We've highlighted a wide range of morons here at Wide Open Spaces. From the guy who thought it'd be cool to wrestle an 11-point buck to the fella who figured he'd get his kicks from dressing up as a T-Rex to play paddy-cake with a full-grown alligator, we've seen it all.

We're only two months into the new year and not surprisingly, moronic behavior is rife on the internet. Take the following story for instance. A 'hunter' uploaded a short cell phone clip to his Facebook account on February 12. At the same time, he posted it to a hunting community page on the social media site. It didn't sit well with the members.

Within the hour, and after dozens of negative comments calling him out for his moronic behavior - as well as a large majority of folk tagging the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) in their replies - the administrators of the page pulled the post.

Here's the gist of the video. A pair of guys are driving down a road, while filming with a cell phone, as a red deer/stag (wrongly identified as a bull elk in the video) runs full speed along the edge of the adjacent field.

The narrative begins immediately, exclaiming "Here's a big bull elk running right down the side of the road...WATCH ME HIT THIS DEER!!"

moron of the month

moron of the month

As the deer suddenly turns in the direction of the road, narrowly missing oncoming traffic, the passenger yells out "OHHH, OHHH, GET HIM!!!!"

moron of the month

moron of the month

At the moment of impact, the passenger then screams out "YEAHHHHH, HAHAHAHAHA!" as the deer crumples against the bumper and hood of the truck, ultimately tumbling to the ground.

moron of the month

They found the incident comical and a reason to celebrate.

Some interesting points to consider. The original caption for this video was: "Thank god for ranch hand bumpers." However, once the negative comments poured in, and presumably after noticing that the FWC were being tagged in many of the comments, the poster quickly changed the caption to: "Thank god for ranch hand bumpers, coming into a turn hauling a trailer, with a semi behind us, he let off but it happened.'

Coincidence? A bit of back-peddling to possibly minimize the trouble they might face? We'll let you be the judge.

Not long after posting this video, the poster changed his profile pic to this:

moron of the month

Real proud moment there, fellas.

The glee and overwhelming excitement these guys portrayed was sickening. They were proud of the fact that they hit this deer. That's what raised the anger for most on the internet, and rightfully so. They also didn't appear to slow down before impact, knowing full-well that that animal may in fact run out into the road.

The video did stay live on the Facebook page of the original uploader for 48 before ultimately being deleted. (We were able to save screenshots before that happened.) During that time, this guy was very quick to point out his innocence, while continually bragging about what he did. He also challenged at least one critic to a fight with a slew of expletives.

To tell you the truth, we're not buying the 'appended' story about the trailer and semi. That was a feable attempt at a 'get of jail card.'

We will update this story if an investigation is launched, or if video footage surfaces once again.

Another day, another moron(s). Go figure.


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