Moron of the Month
Lindsey Jones

And August's Moron of the Month Award Goes To...

Because playing a game of chicken with a 1,300-pound bison is a smart thing to do, right?!

We've highlighted a wide range of morons here at Wide Open Spaces. From the one guy who thought it'd be cool to wrestle an 11-point buck to other who tried dressing up as a T-Rex to play patty-cake with a full-grown alligator, we've seen it all.

Our recipient for August's award puts those previous morons easily to shame.

In an incident caught on tape, and has subsequently gone viral, a man can be seen taunting a bison on a Yellowstone National Park roadway in Hayden Valley. Yes, that's the bozo beating his chest.

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Lindsey Jones shot the cell phone video which shows the reckless and dangerous antics of a shorts-clad man who would appear to have a death wish.

Park rules state that visitors are to keep a distance of at least 25 yards from bison and elk. For animals such as bears and wolves, 100 yards minimum is the law.

This guy probably doesn't realize how lucky he was to not get gored, an injury which happens on average once per year at Yellowstone. He definitely came close.

Whoever you are, sir, we'd say you're a shoe-in to claim the 'coveted' Moron of the Year title.

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