Young Lady Takes Her Affinity for Critters a Little Too Far

You can't unsee this one after you watch it!

We've highlighted a wide range of morons here at Wide Open Spaces. From the one guy who thought it'd be cool to wrestle an 11-point buck to other who figured he'd get his kicks from dressing up as a T-Rex to play patty-cake with a full-grown alligator, we've seen it all.

This video is a little different, though.

Getting up close and personal with a wild animal is never a good idea. Making out with one isn't only dumb, but it's pretty darn weird.

The best part might be the fact that this girl has no idea what kind of animal she's interacting with. Go figure.

We're guessing dating is tough wherever this lady lives.

That, or it's a strange pet and the video is essentially a set up. We can't rule that out. But c'mon, why do you have to lick its face?!

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