Venison Sausage
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An Easy and Tasty Way to Make Venison Sausage

Making breakfast sausage, or any kind of venison sausage, has never been so easy thanks to Hi Mountain Seasonings.

Year after year I spend my hard-earned money getting deer processed at the butcher shop. On average, I shoot anywhere from 10 to 15 deer a year. Often times, a good majority of those are donated to help feed the hungry, but about half of them still fill my freezer.

I will usually take one or two deer a year to the butcher to get processed. I do this because I've never attempted to make my own jerky in large batches or had a quality meat grinder to make anything else.

After the generic process, then adding in sausage, jerky and bologna, I'm left with a pretty hefty bill; it ends up well over $300 depending on how much of it I turn into jerky.

Regardless, I found a way to not only save money, but a way to completely process my deer.

Start with a good quality meat grinder

Everything starts with a good quality meat grinder. This is one area I would not suggest going cheap on. I ended up with a Cabela's Carnivore Meat Grinder.

Depending on what model you get, electric meat grinders start around $400. Compared with expensive processors, I know I have already saved money by the time I am cutting up my second deer.

To top it off, I found this to be a lot of fun.

Here's the recipe and instructions list that I've come to love.

Hi Mountain Seasoning Breakfast Sausage


  • Hi Mountain Seasoning Breakfast Sausage kit
  • 14 pounds of pork shoulder
  • 10 pounds of venison
  • Large, clean plastic tub to hold meat
  • Ice water
  • Storage Bags for Venison (Vacuum seal recommended)


This recipe is extremely easy and very tasty.

venison sausage breakfast sausage recipe

To start, I cut off a good chunk of the main fat from the pork shoulder and pulled the bone out. I purchased two nine pound shoulders, which after cutting off the fat and removing the bone amounted to 14 pounds total.

venison breakfast sausage

Hi Mountain Seasoning created such an easy way to make your own breakfast sausage, the first step after cutting the meat into cubes, was to open and add the seasoning packets.

After you add the seasoning packets, mix the meat around until the seasoning is spread throughout the meat.

venison sausage recipe

I placed the course grinding plate in the meat grinder and began grinding the meat. In the main feeder tray, it's best to mix the pork and the venison together so they grind and mix together in the meat grinder.

After you run all the meat through the meat grinder, run it through one more time. Once this is complete, add two and a half cups of ice water and mix together with your hands until the sausage becomes tacky.

venison sausage recipe

Once you are done with this, you are ready to package it up. Yes, it really is that simple.

I often bring and cook sausage two pounds at a time, so I chose to freeze my venison sausage in two to three pound bags. I like to use vacuum seal bags in order to keep my meat as long as I can.

Once they are packaged, store them in the freezer until you are ready for a tasty breakfast with venison sausage.

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