Ammo Magnet Fishing

Magnet Fishermen Unexpectedly Pull Up Ammo From River

How did these cartridges end up in the river?

Most gun enthusiasts know that most of the country is going through a major ammo shortage. The last time I visited my local sporting goods store, the shelves were completely bare of all handgun ammo and all rimfire and centerfire rifle ammo meant for AR-style guns Unfortunately, it's just something we must live with until the demand comes down and the shelves are stocked again.

Or you could go buy a magnet and start dredging the local creeks and rivers for unfired ammunition. Yes, we know that sounds crazy, but the latest video from one of our favorite YouTubers, DALLMYD, seems to suggest otherwise.

He's magnet fishing a river in Georgia with some friends. They find a few interesting items including a revolver cylinder, but the real head-scratcher of the day is a bunch of large caliber rifle rounds. How did these end up in the river? And who put them there? It's a mystery we'd love to know more about.

From what we saw here in the video, these appear to be .50 BMG rounds, which coincidentally enough, were some of the only rounds my local sporting goods store had last time I visited. Of course, that's probably because most people don't own a .50 BMG and because the rounds are almost $5 each for the cheap stuff.

However, what we saw in this video didn't appear to be the stuff target shooters would buy off their local shelves. It appears some of them were linked in a belt, which would indicate they came off a longer string from a Browning .50 caliber machine gun, something that's likely only going to be in the hands of the military. That raises all sorts of other questions as to how the ammo ended up down there.

It looks like the ammo was down there for a very long time, so it's unlikely we'll ever know for sure how it got there. Either way, this falls right in line with this guy's usual finds of guns, knives and other weapons. We look forward to seeing what he finds on his next adventure!

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