Are they lost? No. They're using AllTrails. Credit: AllTrails

AllTrails Reveals ‘Major Update’ Days After Apple Offers Trail Maps

The AllTrails update includes introducing a new map collections page and park pages as well as redesigning trail pages.

AllTrails revealed a "major update" to its application days after Apple announced a new trail map feature, a move that left some to speculate that the tech giant is going after AllTrail's stock and trade. In a statement, Ivan Selin, AlllTrails' chief product officer, explained that the updates are meant to "make it easier than ever to get out on the trail." The company added that these updates represent the biggest changes to the application since it launched in 2010.

AllTrail Updates

Since launching approximately 14 years ago, AllTrails has had tremendous success. By the number, it has detailed information about more than 400,000 trails, recruited more than 65 million users, including 1 million plus paid subscribers, and it rakes in some $75 million in annual revenue. The AllTrails app also tops the list of best hiking apps on multiple websites and Apple even named it as the Best iPhone App of 2023.

The application gives users access to trail maps and descriptive details like distance and elevation. It also allows members to review trails and share experiences. For paid subscribers, AllTrails provides real-time information, such as turn-by-turn instructions on the trail for offline users.

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AllTrails' updates include the new "Collections" page, "Park Pages," and a redesigned trail map page. Credit: AllTrails

According to the announcement, the update includes introducing two new features — a "collections" page showing all the trails in an area and "park pages" providing a comprehensive guide for visiting individual parks — and redesigning the trail pages. For the trail pages, users will now have "the ability to visually tour the trail in a dynamic Photo Gallery, view the route in 3D, assess trail conditions, and read an AI-powered summary of community reviews," the company said.

Apple Maps trail tool

Earlier this week, Apple revealed a new iPhone with the new iPhone operating system, dubbed iOS 18. In the new system, Apple's navigation tool will now include trail maps for all 64 national parks in the U.S., which users can download and use offline.

While there are numerous free trail map tools, Google Maps will offer turn alerts, a function typically seen as a premium feature. Much like a navigation tool you'd use in your car, the feature tells you when to turn and if you missed a turn.

Unlike AllTrails and other trail apps, the Apple Maps tool comes at no extra cost. The others require a paid subscription for turn alerts and/or offline use. However, Apple's iOS 18 won't be available until the fall, so it's unclear how effective the new trail maps tool will be.