Alligator Takes Ride In Georgia Police Cruiser After Getting 'Arrested'
Image via YouTube

Alligator Takes Ride In Georgia Police Cruiser After Getting 'Arrested'

If you can't do the time then don't do the time. An alligator found themselves on the wrong side of the law in Georgia. Police officers "arrested" the reptile for trespassing in a resident's driveway near Savannah. You can see the wild video below.

The Chatham County Police Department released video of the gator's "arrest" in a Facebook post.

"When an unwelcome visitor showed up in this neighborhood Thursday evening, our Cpl. Blackledge and Cpl. Stapleton took action," the police said in the Facebook post.  "Watch how they captured the gator, wrangled him into the back of a patrol car, and released it back into the wild."

In the video, officers taped the alligator's mouth closed (for obvious reasons). However, what really makes the video is that the officer loaded the reptile into the back of their police cruiser. Rather than going down to the slammer, officers released the animal into the wild.

People React To The Viral Alligator Video

Whenever you get something like this, you just know the comment section is going to be wild. People loved the video of the alligator. One person wrote, "Poor gator. I too have also been in the back of one of those Explorers." Another wrote, "Did you read him his rights?" Yet another wrote, "Thank you once again. You folks wear many hats and you wear them well." Another wrote, "Country boys gettin it done."

The Chatham County Police Department also commented about the gator arrest as well. They said it's not uncommon for officers to respond to calls about alligator

"There have been several instances in the last few years where our officers have encountered an alligator, and returned it to the wild," the department said. "We're proud of Corpoals Blackledge and Stapleton for working quickly and calmly to move this gator from a neighborhood and to the Ogeechee River where it belongs."

"It takes a lot of bravery to hold a gator and tape its mouth closed so it can be transported. But, the adrenaline really gets flowing when you untape a gator's mouth and set it free," the statement added.