Screenshot via Facebook: Ful

Alligator Swipes Young Texas Girl's Catch Right Off the End of Her Line

This gator stole this poor girl's catch.

One must always use caution when angling in alligator country. You just never know when you are going to have an unwanted encounter with a large, scaly reptile. Unfortunately, humans who are fishing can have this happen quite often in the right areas.

That was exactly what happened to the little girl in this video out of Fulshear, Texas. Posted to the Fulshear Police Department's Facebook page, it shows her reeling furiously to try and get an unknown species of fish landed.

However, in water the gator is always going to be faster. It moves with lightning speed to snatch the fish right off the end of her line. You can see it all unfold in the video below.

Wow! Who knew that gators could move that fast in the water? We certainly did not. That is a scary thought if you ever accidentally fall off a boat in gator country. This young lady did the best she possibly could under the circumstances, but there was no way that hungry alligator was going to be denied that easy meal.

We can only hope that the gator was well-fed after snatching this girl's catch and they were able to go on with the rest of their fishing in peace. This serves as a good reminder to always be conscious about the waters around you if you are fishing in an area where alligators are present.

While Texas is not the first state that jumps to mind when one hears the word "alligator," the Lone Star State has more than its share of hungry gators to go around. To the point that the state does have a hunting season to help keep the population in check. We would say that someone needs to go hunting near this bridge next season!

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