Alligator Fishing Rod
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Alligator Steals Angler’s Rod and Reel Combo, Swims Away

Watch as an alligator with a taste for Penn reels tries to take one for a test drive.

Here's an alligator with a penchant for expensive fishing gear, and since no one is going to try and stop him, watch as it slowly walks away with this angler's gear. A Penn rod and reel is one of the nicest combos out there, but to watch a big gator walk off with one has got to be a first.

Since alligators are known to help themselves to a fisherman's catch, it stands to reason that they might try to cut out the middle man and try to catch some of their own, right?

All jokes aside, what do you do when a good-sized gator comes out of the water and takes your favorite fishing combo? You let him take it, that's what.

Just make sure to get out the phone for some crazy video like this:

The angler who posted the video couldn't have anticipated that happening! It's not certain where the incident took place, but it's fair to assume it was somewhere in the U.S.

Since the south has plenty of big old gators, you might be wondering if something like this happens from time to time. Since alligators can and will eat their young, digest bones, and even climb fences, it stands to reason that they are capable of stealing and eating your fishing gear.

We're thinking that since they've been around North America for some 70 million years, they've learned that they can get away with just about anything. We're not going to argue with them.

The bottom line is that if an alligator wants your rod and reel combo: let him have it! Stock up on new stuff when you get the chance!

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