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Is This Allegedly 33-Foot Anaconda the Largest Snake Ever Found?

The Daily Mail

Is this the largest snake ever found?

A video, allegedly out of Brazil, is making the usual viral rounds right now and is said to show a 33-foot anaconda found during a construction project. Details are pretty scant at the moment, but the Daily Mail reports it was found in Altamira, Pará during the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Xingu River.

Supposedly, the snake was in the way of construction, and it appears the workers killed it.

Whatever the case may be, this video shows this was one huge snake.

Posted by Denise Rangel on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In case you’re wondering, the largest anaconda ever found, allegedly, was 28 feet long. So, not only would this one smash the record length-wise, but also by weight. This latest find is supposed to weigh over 880 pounds. The largest known snake in captivity is a 25-foot python named Medusa, which lives in Kansas City.

Some internet skeptics are already speculating that this snake isn’t as long as claims make it out to be. Without official confirmation, or seeing them measure it in the video, it’s hard to be sure. But it certainly does look huge sitting on the back of what appears to be a flatbed truck.

What do you think? Is this snake the real deal? And is it one of the largest ever found?


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Is This Allegedly 33-Foot Anaconda the Largest Snake Ever Found?