cody roberts
The infamous photo of Cody Roberts and the injured wolf. Credit: Cowboy State Daily/Facebook

Alleged Wolf Torturer Worked for Wyoming Wildlife Agency

The Wyoming man accused of torturing a wolf earned more than $120,000 from state agencies, including the one tasked with investigating him.

The Wyoming man accused of torturing and killing a wolf — an incident that sparked global outrage — reportedly earned more than $120,000 from state government agencies, including the one tasked with investigating him.

Local media reported that Cody Roberts's company was contracted by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department and other agencies for at least four years before the Feb. 29 incident. Although experts say state law protects Roberts's behavior, some speculate that he was given a lenient punishment because of the relationship.

News of the incident broke in March when a local outlet reported that Roberts paid a $250 fine for killing a wolf. However, it gained widespread attention after details and images surfaced revealing that Roberts injured the wolf with a snowmobile, taped its mouth shut, and then paraded it through his home and at a bar before killing it.

Kristin Combs, executive director of Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, told the Jackson Hole News & Guide that "it certainly brings into question whether or not they did their full due diligence. How well did those wardens know him? He's obviously had some business with the department."

According to reports, the wildlife agency prioritizes state and local businesses for contract opportunities. Breanna Ball, a spokeswoman for the Game & Fish Department, told Cowboy State Daily that while Roberts currently has a contract with the agency, he's already done the work and it's unknown if he will be awarded another in the future.