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Explore Rustic New York at Allegany State Park, the Largest in New York State

Located in Cattaraugus County in western New York State just above the Allegheny National Forest at the Pennsylvania border, Allegany State Park (ASP) provides a beautiful place to unwind, discover, explore, and reconnect with nature. Separated into two sections, the Red House Area and the Quaker Run area, this New York park spans the Allegheny Highlands Forests' ecoregion.

If you are meandering through New York State or are just in the northeast region of the United States, make a pit stop or a camping trip at Allegany State Park a priority — we promise you will not regret it!

History of the Enchanted Mountains

Did you know that Allegany is the largest park in the state of New York, spanning 65,000 acres and 97 square miles?! As a part of the New York State Parks Department, this park was founded in a region named the "Enchanted Mountains." This name comes from the Native Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee) and Erie Tribes, the first residents of this land.

What to Do at Allegany State Park

Allegany State Park

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The 3rd-largest park in the entire nation, Allegany State Park, is located just south of Salamanca, north of Bradford, and 63 miles from Buffalo, New York. The park boasts over 35 miles of cross-country skiing trails, 20 hiking trails, and 5.6 miles of multi-use trails paved and used for horseback riding, biking, and snowmobiling. There are also three campgrounds for staying overnight in the park. Both areas offer picnic areas with picnic tables for a lovely afternoon pitstop with the family!

The Red House Area

Let's first talk about the Red House section of Allegany Park, centrally located around Red House Lake. This area features the historic Tudor-style Administration Building, a sandy beach for swimming, fishing, snowmobiling (in the winter), and 5 miles of paved, multi-use paths. Everyday activities here include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, softball, volleyball, walking, and running. Nature lovers flock to the Thunder Rocks, a rock city with a Stone Tower structure that presents amazing views of the rolling hills and dense forests.

Quaker Area

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Next up is the Quaker Area of the park, which has two lakes (Allegany Reservoir and Quaker Lake) and is home to the camping section of Allegany. This area also has a sandy beach for swimming, two piers for fishing, and a launch for canoes and kayaks. Boating lovers can even use the Friend's Boat Launch, available at the Allegany Reservoir. Activities welcomed in the Quaker Area include volleyball, basketball, baseball, horseshoe pits, tennis, and the old Quaker Store restored to a park museum.

Hiking Trails

As far as hiking trails are concerned, there are four easy trails, 11 moderate trails, and five challenging trails. This interactive map shows you absolutely everything in the park, including bike trails, snowmobile trails, cabins, campsites, and more! A few points of interest and historic preservation worth seeing are the Bear Caves at Mt. Seneca, Art Roscoe Trailhead, Summitt Fire Tower, Science Lake, and Thunder Rocks.

Camping at Allegany State Park

This park's campsites are divided into two sections — the Quaker Area and the Red House Area. The Quaker Area has 189 campsites, 230 cabins (30 are winterized), one group camp, and vacation rental cottages (Fancher Cottages next to Quaker Run Creek). The Red House Area camping includes 125 campsites, 144 cabins (112 are winterized), two group camps, and the Pitt Cottage vacation rental on Allegany State Park Rte. 2. Popular areas for campers include the Cain Hollow Loops, Beehunter Cabins, Redhouse Loops, and the Diehl Cabin Loop.

Important Information

When you are ready to visit the Chautauqua-Allegheny region in New York, Allegany is open year-round. The address is 2373 ASP Route 1, Ste. 3, Salamanca, NY 14779. Call (716) 354-9121 for general FAQ and concerns.

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