Airwolf 22 Snipercam T20ir

The Airwolf 22 Snipercam T20ir is All You Need and More

The Airwolf 22 Snipercam T20ir could come in handy with varmints around the yard or in the cow pasture.

Why purchase a small caliber rifle? Because the Airwolf 22 is amazing. It's even more incredible with the Snipercam T20ir. Here's why.

First, from this video the camera appears crystal clear and gives any varmint sniper an advantage.

In fact, it's so interesting to watch it's almost as if one is participating in a virtual reality game. Here's one video:


Here's another if you need to come back for seconds:

The Airwolf .22 can be purchased for a whopping $2,095, and that's when it's on sale. Obviously, a used one could be found cheaper. The T20ir light alone is another $39.99 while the Snipercam would also be an additional cost.

A lot of people have problems with mice chewing on their belongings or squirrels chewing their house insulation. Well, as long as there are no houses nearby this handy small-caliber rifle can be used almost anywhere, and should be very effective.

It also contains a suppressor or 'silencer' as not to spook the game you are targeting.

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