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Aguila's New Rimfire Round Will Raise Your Eyebrows

Bring that extra punch with Aguila Super Colibrí ammo.

It's look is different, but the effectiveness should be familiar, because it's what you've always wanted.

If you haven't seen or heard of the new rimfire .22 Super Colibrí cartridge from Aguila Ammunition, you're going to want to pay attention.

Specifically made with close range hunting and target shooting in mind, the Super Colibrí is a subsonic lead .22 Long Rifle round that just about any shooter will appreciate getting their hands on.

Good for bolt action rifles as well as revolvers, the minimal use of powder leads to less recoil in the ammunition. That makes it a really good choice for repetitive needs, as well as young or beginner shooters.

It stacks up right alongside Aguila's wide range of options when it comes to rimfire, proving their reliability in the caliber's market. Super Colibrí rounds will be perfect for when a little extra push is needed, in both velocity and energy. It's ultra-quiet compared to many of its competitors, and it's unique point shape makes it a high-performing bullet in all-around uses.

Here's even more on the bullet:

To find more info on the Super Colibrí and the rest of Aguila's rimfire ammo lineup, go to


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Aguila's New Rimfire Round Will Raise Your Eyebrows