Aguila's New Line of Rimfire Hollow Points is Primed to Feed Your Firearm

Rimfire hollow point ammo has a crowded market, but Aguila's coming out on top.

Excellence in life is hard to come by. If you're a company making a something with a wide market, like ammo, you're going to have to set yourself apart with smart, research-driven decisions that lead to a better overall performance.

You're getting that with Aguila's new line of rimfire hollow points, destined for a spot in your ammo can.

Whether you hunt, plink, or shoot competitively, Aguila rimfire is the way to go. But their hollow point .22 rimfire ammo has received a good amount of attention for their detailed, versatile, and thought out designs.

The new line starts with a nickel or copper based high velocity hollow point, giving you the choice between two good metals and a wide range of uses. Known as the Super Extra, these are some of the highest quality .22 cartridges you can put in your gun. Controlled expansion, great penetration depth, and devastating results make these some of the most ideal small game hunting rounds.

There's also a Subsonic round, with the accuracy and impact you'd expect at a fraction of the noise. The .22 Interceptor, the ultra-premium, high-velocity member of the family reaches 1,470 feet per second and is THE choice for small game hunters.

Finally, the Supermaximum HP reaches 1,700 feet per second, giving you the fastest option. There's no lack of selection, it's just a matter of finding which round will work the best for your needs.

There's still time to learn more about Aguila's rimfire collection before hunting season starts in full swing, but come time to hit the woods, this is what you're going to want to feed your firearm.