Aguila Minishells Are Too Versatile for You to Ignore

The Aguila family of Minishell ammo—available in 7 1/2, buckshot and slugs—is ready for the spotlight.

There's something you ought to know, but we'll cut you some slack if you don't. Aguila Ammunition has made 12-gauge Minishells for more than 20 years and aren't stopping any time soon. Minishells are, without doubt, the best combination of practicality and performance you can find in shotgun ammo.

What's so great? Maybe you've never shot one. Maybe you've chuckled at the miniature fad and written it off. Not so fast. There are a few obvious benefits you might be missing.

The low recoil produced by a shot with a Minishell is a noticeable improvement from other shells and that doesn't just translate to the overall feel. The quiet report saves on overall hearing damage and surrounding disturbance, making this is an ideal choice for any level. Those two traits in particular, though, combine to make the Minishell a great choice for new shooters trying to get rounds under the belt.

Minishell fans tout how quickly the difference loading Minishells can make in a home-defense shotgun. By almost doubling how many shells the typical gun can hold, you're gaining a big advantage on intruders should you choose Aguila. In fact, a gun like the Kel-Tec KSG 25 can hold 41 Minishells! That's a ton of firepower. The shorter shell size means firearm capacity naturally increases, leading to less reloading and more shots taken.

To get a better idea of these features and more, check out this video to see what Aguila Minishells can do.

And if you have any doubts about how well they'd do at longer distances, just watch this...

Where else are you going to find this kind of performance in a 1-3/4-inch shotshell?

Aguila is the originator of all the Minishell designs. Their buckshot is great for hunting and self-defense purposes, and the 7-1/2-shot versions are favorites of competition clay shooters looking to maximize their training with more ammo and less felt recoil. Plus, Aguila's 25-gram slug gets traveling at 1,300 fps and still maintains less recoil. That means faster target acquisition and a better response time.

It's time more shooters realized what a Minishell from Aguila Ammunition is capable of doing.

Find out where to buy Aguila Minishells and see for yourself. They're one of the ammunition trends that deserves more attention the next time you're looking to restock or try something new.