Aguila Ammo is Giving Away Tons of Cool Stuff in Their Shock-tober Sweepstakes

Enter to win all kinds of great gear in the Aguila Ammo Shock-tober Sweepstakes.

You've heard of the Mossberg Shockwave, right? And you've probably seen Aguila Ammo's Minishell too. Luckily for you and gun fans everywhere, Aguila has teamed up with a bunch of fantastic firearm and shooting brands to offer more than $2,000 worth of amazing gear in their latest social media sweepstakes.


The Shock-tober Minishell Sweepstakes, which was just launched and runs through October 31st includes:

  • 100 rounds of Minishell Buckshot and 100 rounds of Minishell Slug
  • Mossberg 590 Shockwave Shotgun
  • Hunters HD Gold® Gauge Black Crystal 62mm lenses
  • Walker's® XCEL 500BT Digital Electronic Muff with Voice Clarity and Bluetooth
  • Student of the Gun pocket life saver EDC Medkit
  • Orca® Realtree® Max 5 Camo Podster
  • Inforce® TFx White Flashlight
  • Brownell's® Mossberg 590 Shockwave Boom Kit
  • Brownell's range bag
  • OPSol® Miniclip® Adaptor
  • Otis® Patriot Series® Kit, Ripcord® and Shotgun and Choke Tube Cleaner
  • Action Target™ PT Scout Complete Kit with 12" AR500 Circle
  • Exotac FREEKey™ Slim System and BMQR .380™

To be entered to win the sweepstakes, participants must visit Aguila on Facebook or the other participating companies on social media. If you're looking for the sweepstakes details and rules can be found here, and the winner will be announced on November 8th, 2018.

We always want to alert you to the best of the best when it comes to cool giveaways, and since the folks at Aguila are always worth following, this one fit the bill.

Good luck entering! Someone's gonna end up with a ton of loot!