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This $290,000 Adventure Truck is One Serious Off-Road and Camping Machine

When it comes to camping and off-roading, there's historically been a fine line between the two. Most RVs aren't exactly built to go off paved roads and back into some of the wilder places on Earth. At the same time, most dedicated off-road vehicles aren't exactly built with comfort in mind when you're camping. However, we're starting to see more blurring of that line in recent years as custom RV builders are producing incredible vehicles that blend the best of both worlds into one incredible package. Such is the case with the Global Expedition Vehicles Adventure Truck. This massive vehicle has 40-inch tires and is built on a Ram 5500 chassis (the company's website says they can also build this on the Ford F-350). It's got a serious winch, extra lights, and even a snorkel for water crossings.

In the back is a small but extremely efficient living area that includes everything one could possibly want for their backcountry overlanding adventures. This video quickly takes you through the entire layout of this vehicle, and it's quite impressive to see what they managed here in such a small space with zero expanded slide outs. Check it out.

The Adventure Truck manages to squeeze a queen-sized bed into the back of the living area without it feeling too cramped. The eating area looks to be the space they compromised the most, which in our mind is fine. Most of us want to cook and eat outside in nature's splendor anyway when we're out off-roading.

We're quite impressed with how many storage boxes this company managed to pack on both the outside and the inside. There should be plenty of room for all our gear on our next adventure in a vehicle like this. The only problem is that $290,000 price tag. That's going to put it out of the budget for most of us. But hey, we can dream about it can't we? Maybe we'll move this to the top of our list of things to buy if we ever hit the lottery.

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