Go Off-Grid With the DECKED F-150 Giveaway's Latest Upgrades

It's time to check in on our latest upgrades to the Adventure-Built F-150 Giveaway, presented by DECKED.

It's time for the fourth episode of our Adventure-Built F-150 Giveaway powered by DECKED!

One winner will drive home in this upgraded Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4 SuperCrew, plus an extra $20,000 for a total value of over $88,000. It's the total off-road machine for an adventurous outdoorsman or woman who's ready to make the most of an off-road capable truck.

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We put a lot of time and effort into finding, then installing, the best off-road accessories to create the perfect off-roader's dream vehicle. You can stretch your trips deep into the backcountry as long as you have the kind of upgrades we've added, and experience the beauty of the great outdoors from the trail, the campsite, or the open road.

The deadline is March 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m., meaning you've only got about a month to enter to win the Adventure-Built F-150, presented by DECKED.

Enter the DECKED Adventure-Built F-150 Giveaway!

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This week, we trusted the crew at Trident Trucks to hook up the winner with the sort of off-grid accessories we know they'll need. That meant the truck needed a reliable power source, plus a way to keep food, drinks, and other essentials cold and safe throughout an entire adventure.

That's why we went with the Dometic CFX3 electric cooler, plus the Samlex MSK-135 portable solar charging kit, two excellent choices for any 4x4 overlander.

Choosing the Right Dometic Cooler for You

Energy efficient refrigeration might not be something you ever think you'd need in an adventure-built truck, but trust us when we say that combining this type of luxury with off-roading is a match made in heaven. What's better than enjoying an ice cream treat after a day out on the trails?

Dometic and Samlex are top of the line when it comes to portable refrigerators and solar power, respectively. Dometic portable coolers offer the best in cooling performance, while the Samlex charging kit comes equipped with solar panels that can charge 12-volt batteries and a 10 amp charge controller. You're not going to find these types of products with a quick Amazon search, that's for sure.

Dometic, which offers everything from camper accessories to ice chests, has a number of electric-powered coolers on their official site, though their latest series is the CFX3. Let's take a look at three models of the portable fridges from the CFX3 lineup.

Dometic CFX3 35

This portable compressor cooler, like all Dometic coolers, is built for prime durability, thanks to the lightweight ExoFrame construction. The proprietary VMSO3 compressor cooling technology keeps the temperature anywhere between 20 °C and -22 °C.

And, that's not all. The CFX3 App allows temperature control via WiFi, while the battery protection system prevents a dead car battery. On top of that, the Active Gasket Technology provides a strong seal to keep in that cool air and lessen power consumption.

Dometic CFX3 55

Offering more storage capacity than the 35 model, this Dometic CFX series cooler comes with most of the same functions, though it also includes removable wire baskets with dividers for optimal storage organization.

The 55IM version comes with an ice maker function, turning the cooler into a fridge freezer combination.

Dometic CFX3 95DZ

This model is slightly different from the other two as it offers dual-zone storage compartments with independent temperature control. With a total storage capacity of 82 liters, what's not to love?

Finally, the Samlex MSK-135 portable solar charging kit makes it all come together, and is able to power the cooler and even the truck to a certain extent. You can keep your GPS, phone, and other gadgets running while using the portability of the charging kit to your advantage.

As always, we want to send extra thanks to our main sponsor DECKED. Their top of the line storage system adds major utility to the F-150, and they're largely responsible for making this giveaway possible. You can follow DECKED on InstagramYouTube, and Facebook to see all the awesome ways they help create such great customized vehicle storage systems.

We've only got a couple episodes left, which means there's a small amount of upgrades left to do. Here's what we have to look forward to:

  • Tuff Stuff rooftop tent
  • DECKED truck bed storage system

Be sure to ENTER NOW for your chance to win this incredibly upgraded F-150 Lariat 4x4 SuperCrew, plus an extra $20,000. Who knows? You might take home the keys to this truck and be able to hit the gas on your next adventure in style!

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