Newborn Fawn
Screenshot via:2CBS Pittsburgh

Adorable Young Fawn Takes his First Wobbly Steps on Wildlife Cam

This fawn's first steps were live streamed to the Internet!

Many parts of nature are quite secretive and are rarely seen by humans. One notable event is a newborn fawn's first steps in the world. Baby deer start walking almost immediately after being born, albeit quite clumsily until they gain their footing.

CBSN Pittsburg reports this video taken in the Pennsylvania woods was live streamed to the Internet and appears to capture the first steps of a young fawn that was apparently born just off-camera.

There is audio with this video in which you can clearly hear the newborn's grunts and bleats, especially when mom leaves the scene later in the video!

If that does not warm your heart and lift your spirits a bit in these crazy times we are living in, nothing will!

This footage was taken near Murrysville, Pennsylvania by a camera owned by PixCams. Although they cannot be certain that this is a newborn, it seems highly likely just based on the fawn's wobbly gait and the actions of the mother. Note that the doe appears to still be cleaning the fawn up in the early part of the video.

Note how the doe takes off and leaves her newborn behind. It is not because she is abandoning it. This is simply the best strategy for the young deer's survival. Most fawns spend most of their time bedded down with their spotted coats helping them blend into the undergrowth of the forest. Because they are odorless, it makes it more difficult for predators to find them. Especially when mother is not nearby to clue them in that a potential easy meal is nearby.

The mother will not wander too far. She will come back in to check up periodically and to feed her newborn. This footage was taken back on May 15. That means the fawn should be starting to stick closer to its mother by now.

With the crazy news cycle we are all dealing with right now, it is nice to sit back and appreciate the little things in nature like this fawn that reminds us there is still much beauty in the natural world

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