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Adorable Little Girl More Interested in Singing Than Hunting on First Deer Hunt

This deer hunter laid eyes on something better than any trophy-class buck.

Deer hunting is a ritualistic practice, built on a foundation of traditional values, rights of passage and an emotional calling to the wild. Hunters tap into their primal instincts to develop strategies that translate to meat in the freezer, and eventually pass them down from one generation to the next.

Naturally, that first hunt between a parent and a child is somewhat ceremonial, and one that most deer-hunting parents dream of and cherish when it finally comes.

In this particular video, we have a guy from McCool, Mississippi, who took his daughter out for her first hunt.

Watch the video below:


"My daughter (Maddie) is 3 years old and this was her very first deer hunt," he wrote in the description. "Most would consider this hunt unsuccessful, but it was worth more than any trophy I might have taken had she not came with me."

Any parent can relate to the joy that comes from sharing a first-time experience with a child, especially when the kid is as adorable as this one.

You know his first thought when she started singing was, "Well, there goes any chance of harvesting a deer." However, it probably didn't take more than a verse of "Wheels on the Bus" for him to change his own tune, finding a deeper appreciation for the moment he was spending with his daughter.

While it's always great to harvest a big buck come hunting season, nothing could ever beat a moment like this.