According to Locals, Viral Polar Bear Video Not What It Seems

Multiple groups are stepping up to counter claims that climate change caused polar bear starvation.

It was one of those videos that we just had to watch. A starving polar bear struggles to walk as bones protrude from its sides. Too weak to hunt, it's unable to find food. It showed up in our newsfeeds by the droves. People started sharing the video, making claims regarding cause of the animal's condition.

The video quickly made its rounds all over the world. One location that wasn't surprised, however, was right where the video was shot.

When locals like Leo Ikakhik saw the video, the only reaction it drew was a slight shrug of the shoulders. He spoke with the CBC Radio show As It Happens and shared his thoughts.

"Everybody probably was shocked to see a really skinny bear, but this is not my first time seeing something like this," he said.

The claims put out in the video by the climate scientists suggest it was likely the result of global warming that caused the bear to have health issues. Ikakhik isn't convinced.

"Since I'm from the North, I wouldn't really fall for the video," he said.

Rather, Ikakhik and other locals like him believe this is a polar bear that's simply struggling to overcome a past injury or illness. There are numerous healthy, happy polar bears in the area, which could indicate the bear's condition has little to do with climate change.

"I wouldn't really blame the climate change," he argues. "It's just part of the animal, what they go through."

Others are also speaking out. One common point is that the video was shot in the summer when the region sees little or no snowfall. However, the video made a conveniently delayed appearance in the winter months.

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