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The Prepper's Companion: This SAS Survival Bow is Ready to Go, Come Hell or High Water

The SAS Tactical Survival Bow is the go-to weapon for the ultimate survivalist and anyone else in need of a leg up on whatever's out there.

The SAS Tactical Bow is a collapsible bow, ranking as the most compact and tactical bow in the world. The compact folding system is designed be easily stored and to transition to a weapons-ready state in a matter of seconds. This silent weapon is great for a situation in which firearms and other loud weapons are not ideal (say, a zombie apocalypse or the like). This ambidextrous machinery is can help keep you alive any survival situation and it is priced at just $199.95.

You can get this bow starting with a minimum draw weight of 45# at 28", followed by 50# at 28", with a maximum draw weight at 55# at 28".

SAS Tactical Survival Bow

survival bow

To catch a glimpse of this bow in action, plus a detailed review of its accuracy and ease of use, check out the video below by the great YouTuber TWANGnBANG:

The last thing you have to worry about is this compact bow being cheap. This bow is made using the finest US and Aerospace grade materials, setting this product above the benchmark in long term tactical and survival use. 

Although made tough, this bow is easy to take down and pack up with minimal effort for you and preparedness at a moment's notice.

survival bow

Don't feel like you have to replace your favorite hunting bow with this SAS Tactical Survival Bow; rather, keep it around for an emergency survival situation.

Whether you're fighting off evil or simply trying to make sure you eat, you're going to want survival gear that is easy to manage and compact. Don't settle for a survival bow that will just get you through any situation; get one that will help you dominate it.