Why I'll Never Go on This Hunting Podcast Again (Hint: It Has to Do with PETA)

I called onto a hunting podcast called Wilderness Attitude and talked about all things outdoors with them, but then something interesting happened. 

When I called into the podcast a few weeks ago for an hour or two, it was a fun, and I thought they operated a great podcast. I even talked to the host for an hour afterwards, giving him tips how to work in the outdoor industry. 

After the podcast was finished, they told me they wouldn't air the podcast until I deleted a negative post I made about PETA.

I was put in a weird place. I thought about it for awhile and figured, "You know what? I will delete it." I thought the exposure the podcast would grant would outweigh anything some PETA post would gain.

I deleted the old post, and I immediately regretted it. Why did I bow to an outdoor show that supports PETA?

The idea that they thought it might offend potential listeners, an audience group made up of my peers... What kind of an outdoor show is that?

Granted, I now know it wasn't the support for PETA that I needed to be concerned about. Instead it was fear of retaliation.

No one wants to be in the crosshairs of PETA or any other anti-hunting group, but the second you decided you want to be a hunter, you become an enemy of a lot of people.

PETA is every hunter's enemy. As hunters, we need to unite against PETA and fight against their immoral principles.

Eva Shockey said it best, "PETA paints us as heartless thrill seekers. These portrayals have consequences. On social media, I've received death threats and hundreds of messages riddled with misconceptions about why I do what I do. (Like the time someone wrote, "Why kill an innocent animal when you can get meat from the grocery store?") If you're a hunter in the public eye, you get used to criticism. But the truth is that hunters are none of those things, and hunting is about so much more than simply killing an animal."

I couldn't agree more, Eva.

So when you have a hunting podcast you should expect for the tree hugger and PETA people to hate you. The podcast is opened to the public and anyone can listen to it.

You can avoid the name PETA all you want, but no matter what, if you love the sport of hunting, PETA people will always chase you.

PS, they never aired the show...

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