Charity Petition Petition Seeks to Remove Charity Status From Hunting Conservation Groups

A petition on is asking the IRS to pull 501(c) charity status from hunting clubs.

An interesting petition is slowly making the rounds on the website. This petition, started by a misguided anti-hunter, emphasizes that the 501(c) or charity designation is meant for organizations that serve the greater good. According to this wingnut, animal conservation is not part of the greater good.

Actually, the petition argues that conservation is good, but it goes on to say that "Claims by hunt clubs that they are conserving wildlife are obviously untrue." The petition even closes by asking readers to sign in order to "please end this farce immediately, because it is pure evil and un-American." Here's a screenshot of the full text:


Unfortunately for the creator of the petition, it has received barely 3,000 signatures in the 11 months since its creation. That's right. This petition has been active for almost a year, and you've found 3,200 other uninformed anti-hunters who agree with you. Meanwhile, hunters and these hunt clubs continue to contribute millions of dollars to animal and habitat conservation.

Feeling silly yet?

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