Mosin-Nagant Rifle
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Man Nails 944-Yard Shot with 100-Year-Old Mosin Nagant Rifle

The old war horse of Russia, the Mosin Nagant rifle, is more than meets the eye as this long range shooting shows.

The Mosin Nagant rifle is a total legend at this point. The Russian-made rifles were first put in service back in 1891 and they are still being used in conflicts around the world to this day. We doubt the rifle's designers Sergei Mosin and Emile Nagant ever imagined their gun would have such a timeless legacy in the annals of military history. We are also betting they did not expect gun collectors to still be shooting and hunting with them a hundred years later.

For a while at least, the surplus rifle market here in the United States has been flooded with these rifles, most being sold at incredibly low prices. While they are slightly harder to find now, this is still an incredibly common gun here in the states.

The only question is, how do they perform in the modern era? Well, this guy uses one to ping steel at 944 yards!

Covered in grease and boxed in wooden crates at gun shows and gun shops, these old rifles look less than impressive. When fed quality ammunition such as the 7.62x54r  model 7N1 military sniper cartridge, it's more than capable. The shooter in this video hit a target 944 yards away, with supplied iron sights, and that's enough evidence to prove its worth! No wonder there are still some groups using this gun in armed conflicts. This is proof that a quality firearms design never goes out of style.

In truth, they just do not build them like this anymore and that is a shame. The Mosin-Nagant rifle is a winner in cost and accuracy. We would not be surprised to see people still having fun testing the limits for this gun for another 100 years.