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8 Valentine’s Day Surprises for Outdoorswomen

Need some last-minute ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for your favorite outdoorswoman?

Most of us have a wife or girlfriend who puts up with a lot, and we mean a lot, when it comes to dealing with the male drive to hunt, fish, and be outdoors. But odds are our lady friends are outdoorsy too, and that’s part of why we love them.

But you’ve got to show that love, right? Get your hands on some of these great Valentine’s Day gifts for the woman in your life who loves hunting, fishing, shooting, and the great outdoors.

Guide Gear Food Dehydrator

This nifty Guide Gear Food Dehydrator will keep a huntress happy with a ton of available features in a great investment. If she’s making her own jerky, sausages, and more from her harvests, there’s no better way to give her something she’ll use year after year (and think of how sweet you are when she does!).

Heat Holder Women’s Wool Socks

A good pair of Heat Holder Women’s Wool Socks will get you on her good side. Who couldn’t use nice, cozy socks?

Figi’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


Enough with the boring chocolates and flowers. Give her something she’ll really remember, like these Figi’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips you probably didn’t even know you could order from Sportsman’s Guide.

PUMA SGB Blacktail Fixed Blade Knife

There’s no reason a woman doesn’t deserve her own knife, which is why this cool PUMA SGB Blacktail Fixed Blade Knife gift set would make a good Valentine’s Day present.

Figi’s “Our Star Attraction” Meat and Cheese Gift Set

Again, we’re avoiding the obvious, because an outdoorswoman likes a different kind of gift. Like the Figi’s “Our Star Attraction” Meat and Cheese Gift Set, a great mix of dried sausage and cheese which she’ll break out next time you have company, and say “My lovely husband bought me this for Valentine’s Day!”

HQ Issue Metal Gun Locker

You probably have a ton of them, and likely your own safe or case. Get your honey an HQ Issue Metal Gun Locker and then there will be separate sanctuaries for your firearms.

CASTLECREEK 6 Light Whitetail Antler Chandelier

Ah yes, the real conversation starter. Home decor is usually controlled by the Mrs., but get an outdoorswoman this CASTLECREEK 6 Light Whitetail Antler Chandelier, and she might let you pitch in with some interior decorating.

CASTLECREEK Next Bonz 8 Piece Bed Set

The pride and joy of our suggestions has to be the CASTLECREEK Next Bonz 8 Piece Bed Set; there are few better ways to say “I love you” than getting new sheets and blankets!

Hopefully you’ve narrowed down your list and can get your lovely outdoorswoman the things she needs this Valentine’s Day. If you need more ideas, check Sportsman’s Guide, you’ll find what you are looking for.


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8 Valentine’s Day Surprises for Outdoorswomen