8 Point
Facebook Screenshot: Madison Daves

8-Point Buck Walks Right Up and Sniffs the Muzzle of Hunter's Rifle

We all strive to rationalize the elusiveness of whitetail deer, and yet sometimes they leave us scratching our heads. One of the best parts of deer hunting the unknown of what is waiting for us in the deer woods, and the pressure attached to knowing they have every advantage they need to escape. They have the senses, the athleticism, and the survival instincts to make any seasoned hunter feel inferior.

On those rarest of occasions when they walk right up to you, it's hard not to wonder if something's wrong. Well, when Arkansas resident Madison Daves went to Missouri to hunt her family's lease land, she couldn't have expected to have an experience anything like this. As she was walking back from her stand and across a clear cut, she realized she had a shooter buck walking her way. However, not only was the 8-pointer not fazed by her presence, but it even had the audacity to walk right up and sniff her.

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"I went out this morning just hoping to get a chance to shoot that buck of a lifetime before heading back home," Madison said. "What I got was so much more. I had hunted and saw some nice deer but decided it was time to head back to the truck.

"Just as I got out of my blind and started walking I looked across the field and saw what I thought at the time was a shooter. So, I did the only thing I could at that point...squat down in the middle of a fresh cut corn field and wait."

In a stunning series of events—with a darn-nice 8-pointer literally in her face—the 21-year-old woman let it walk!

Congratulations to Madison and big thanks for the share!

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