8 Outfits Your Pet Needs to Look Even Cuter This Spring

If our pets could talk, they might be asking us why we dress them up in these ridiculous yet adorable costumes.

With St. Paddy's day under our belt, we as pet owners are now shuffling our storage around and making room for more insanely cute and utterly fabulous outfits for our pets to rock in the coming months.

Cue the sweet growls and subtle hissing.

1. Bro Bear Bunny Rabbit Hat

bunny hat for pets

This fuzzy pink hat is super convenient for the fact that our animals can't quite shake this one off. The secure strap allows our pets to be comfortable while being even more photogenic.

Shop it now for $9.99

2. Bunny Fleece Hoodie



dog bunny vestIt might be spring but that doesn't mean we have to tuck away our sweaters just yet. This cute rabbit-embellished sweater is perfect to keep our small pets comfortable, cute, and cozy.

Shop it now for $9.48.

3. Rubies Bunny Rabbit Pet Costume

bunny costume for dog

Can we take a moment to admire this adorable full-sized rabbit costume? This outfit is perfect for a larger dog and will look perfect on the front cover of this year's Easter card.

Shop it now from $14.62, depending on size.

4. Easter Bunny Gray & Pink Rabbit Ears for Large Dogs Headband by Midlee

bunny ears for dog

We love this option for larger dogs. The extended headband promises a secure fit and an adorable-looking rabbit pup.

Shop this for $14.99.

5. Rubies Costume Company Kentucky Derby/Easter Bonnet Pet Hat

spring hat for dog

Do you feel like taking your furry friend to brunch or maybe a derby? If you answered yes, then perfect. We found this floral bonnet for your pup that will have all others wishing they looked this good.

Shop this hat for just $6.99

6. Rubies Costume Company Crinkle Blue Bunny Ears Pet Headband

bunny ears for dog

Something blue for your pet! Just another cute headband to dress your dog up with. You can never have too many, right?

Shop this headband for $7.45.

7. Outtop Pet Clothes for Small Dogs 

spring costume for dog

Here we have something that is more casual and can go with your pet well into summer. This floral shirt is a must-have for your small pet!

Shop this cute shirt for $2.99

8. Rubies Costume Company Ducky Hoodie for Pet

duck costume for dogs

This adorable ducky costume can really suit any season but the vibrant colors are perfect for spring.

Get it now for $25.00

Hoppy spring!

What are you doing to get your pets geared up for spring? Tell us in the comments below! 

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