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8 Gifts to Buy a Young Outdoorsman

These are excellent outdoorsman gift ideas, but they're specifically great for youngsters.

Sometimes you simply run out of ideas when you're trying to buy gifts. When it's an outdoorsman or woman under legal age who you're buying for, it can get even more tricky.

That's where we come in, along with some help from Sportsman's Guide and their gift-giving guides.

We've zeroed in on some great gift ideas for the younger crowd, which can hopefully help spark or further encourage their interest in the outdoors.

1. GigaTent Camo Action PlayTent

Get your kiddos a GigaTent Camo Action PlayTent for hours and hours of fun.

2. Ariat Kids' Patriot Square Toe Western Boots

There's always a debate about buying kids footwear, when they're likely to grow out of them so quickly. But a high-quality pair of Ariat Boots are worth it.

3. Under Armour Girls' Better Aim Tee Shirt

If the youngster you're buying for is a girl who's into archery, this Under Armour Girls' Better Aim Tee Shirt might be the coolest thing she gets all year.

4. Camo Fleece Hat and Gloves

Add a little flare to the came your kid wears with this Camo Fleece Hat and Gloves set.

5. Rocket Fishing Rod

Casting's a breeze with the Rocket Fishing Rod, and any kid will find this enjoyable.

6. Adventure Journal

Encourage them to remember all their experiences with this Adventure Journal from Woodchuck USA.

7. Hunter's Reserve Wild Game and Cheese

If you want to show some youngsters how great wild game meat can be, go with this Hunter's Reserve Wild Game and Cheese gift pack.

8. Milk Chocolate Pistol

Have a little fun and gift someone a Milk Chocolate Pistol; they'll wonder how long it will take to eat the whole thing!

Now that you have some ideas, browse through the rest of Sportsman's Guide's website and see what else strikes your fancy.


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8 Gifts to Buy a Young Outdoorsman