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8 Boats for Die-Hard Patriots Who Love Our Land... and Water!

flagship sd boat american patriot

To celebrate America's Birthday, nothing beats a boat that screams 'USA'! 

People all around the world are out there spreading their love for America: a country built on a foundation of pride, honor and freedom.

The 4th of July is a great opportunity for those who own boats to get out and spread their love on the water. Some have them wrapped in the flag or just the colors of the red, white and blue. Others brought everything American, including a boat, to spread their pride.

Check out these proud Americans below and these eight boats that just scream America!

1. 'Merica - Pass it on.

A year-old post but a great one. In an attempt to show the #saltlife that #farmlife is much better, this proud American group grabbed everything American they could think of and screamed from the top of their Pennsylvania hill. The boat may not be in the water, but it sure is surrounded with pride in America.

2. All Aboard!


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Checking out the Fourth of July Boat Parade you will see some true American fashion. Here we have a hardcore patriot spreading their love for our President Trump. All aboard, the Trump Train that screams 'America'!

3. Freedom, Girls and American Flags

It's all about freedom. This boat is full of real proud Americans who are showing their love for their country. Bikinis, Uncle Sam, American Flags, Balloons, the list keeps going on. Let freedom ring, this boat screams 'America'.

4. American Bad Ass

The original American Bad Ass boat! #america #merica #boatwrap #edgewraps

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Just like the sticker says on the side, this is the American Bad Ass. A boat that screams 'America' and has room for several patriots to board, and one additional patriot following on a pair of water skis.

5. American Pride

Washed up and ready for the water a month prior to the fourth of July. This boat is ready for a lake cruise in true American fashion. Skulls in aviators bursting into the red, white and blue. This boat, screams 'America'.

6. I'm on a boat.

Let's just say we love to have fun at work! #shoplife #boatwrap #turnup

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With the American eagle, sort of reminding us of that those 1975 Pontiac Firebirds. These two, with "I'm On a Boat" playing in the background, are two proud Americans atop of boat that screams 'America'.

7. Patriot Cruising

american boat
Flagship SD

Sure this may be a company boat and a cruise you pay to aboard, but if this doesn't scream 'America' I don't know what does.

8. Jon Boat

This 12 foot jon boat doesn't like a rough Cobbossee #maine #mercuryoutboard

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Let's be honest, most of us will never be able to afford those big expensive boats. The majority of us own some sort of canoe, Jon boat or flat bottom row boat. But you can bet dollars to donuts many of those are owned by some of the most die-hard patriots around, and they are small tributes in themselves to the independence we have in this land. The only thing that could possibly make this more American is a case of PBR, a 9.9 two-stroke Mercury and a Yeti Cooler.

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8 Boats for Die-Hard Patriots Who Love Our Land... and Water!