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The 8 Best Tailgating Vehicles Ever Made

Tailgating vehicles can make the difference between an epic sports gathering or a failed attempt at being the king or queen of the parking lot.

Whatever your reason for tailgating—football, baseball, graduation, can't get into the golf grounds to watch the pros, nephew's spelling bee—you want one of the premier tailgating vehicles to handle all the revelry and accouterments. Want the best, most badass   tailgating section on the hot asphalt? Then it's best to know which models can take on the responsibility.

We list eight of our favorite tailgating vehicles that round out the epitome of parking lot parties. Grab your grills, pack your potato chips, and browse our list.

Ford F-150


This one speaks for itself. The Ford pickup is the quintessential truck that you see at campsites, work sites, hunting trips, etc. The quad cab can pack in buddies and burgers alike, and the roomy bed can double as a storage station and barbecue station.

Chrysler Pacifica


Yes, a minivan is on the list, but that's because minivans are actually amazing. If you're a family man or woman, you can't deny the benefits of having a vehicle that can haul around loads of humans and sports equipment and food assortments, and get great gas mileage.

Ford Flex


This modern station wagon thing may be the joke of your friend circle, but when it comes to tailgating vehicles it's up on the list. The back opens up to a roomy third row that can fold down to load equipment or prop a television in at chair height. Perfect for those guys who aren't going into the stadium.

Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota makes some great pickups, that much is true. But the sportier Tacoma's of late really up the torque factor, being able to haul grills and whatever else you need to bring.

Toyota Rav4

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Okay, there are two Toyotas on the list, we know. But the Rav4 is showing up lately as the new 2018 version comes with a bit more room and even better MPG.

Ram 1500

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Ram has been a solid choice as tailgating vehicles go, with its raw power under the hood and space in the bed. It can be a great truck to crowd around and act as a hub.

Honda Ridgeline


The Ridgeline (R.I.P. by the way) was and still is a misused piece of truck. The truck comes with 1,500 pounds of payload capacity and an 8.5 cubic-foot trunk.

Kia Soul


Another butt of car jokes may be the Soul. But before you laugh off this choice it has one of the smoothest rides known to man. Really, this little guy goes over bumps like butter, which comes in handy when you're in charge of ice, and burgers, and cakes, and whatever else needs to be transported.

This post was originally published on August 19, 2019.

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