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7 Fantastic Finds That Can Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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Help your dog beat the heat this summer with these useful products.

There are two types of people during summer — those who get outdoors every chance they get and those who stay inside to avoid the heat. We understand both sides — depending on where you live, summers can be brutal. However, our dogs don't get much of a say in how much time they spend outdoors. If you have a dog that loves being outside or goes with you on outdoor adventures, you'll need to be proactive and prep for extreme heat. Your dog can't tell you how hot they are, but there are signs that they can give to let us know they're struggling. The AKC points out these early warning signs of heatstroke: heavy panting, rapid breathing, excessive drooling, skin that's hot to the touch, bright red gums and tongue, and a more rapid heart rate.

However, you can help your dog never, ever get to that point — because there are many ways for your dog to beat the heat this summer other than relaxing indoors with the air conditioning on full blast. We rounded up products for relaxation, playtime, and snacks. First things first: dogs need to stay hydrated. Even if you only leave this list with one product, we highly recommend it be the cooling water bowl, and make sure to refill it as much as you can. We're excited for dogs to enjoy pool time, cold snacks that will take the edge off, and the perfect bed that will keep them in a shaded area. These handy products will make a world of difference, so stay cool and stay safe this summer — your pups will thank you for it:

1. A Bowl That Keeps Them Hydrated

K & H Cooling Pet Bowl

K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Bowl - Amazon, $20.98

This pet cooling bowl keeps water fresh and cold for up to 15 hours: because no one wants to drink hot water, including pets. The BPA-free water bowl can be used indoors and outdoors and does not require electricity - plus, it holds 96 ounces of water. By keeping cool water around, you'll know your dog will get enough hydration — activate the cooling crystals by filling the interior with water once, then freeze the bowl each night. One reviewer writes: "This bowl stays cold in the warm Georgia weather for a very long time."

Another product to consider for dogs on-the-go is a portable water bottle. They're great for dogs who love Target runs and long walks!

2. The Mat Perfect For a Quick Cool Down 

The GreenPetShop Cooling Gel Pad

TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat - Amazon, $23.98+

Keep dogs comfortable for hours with a cooling mat during hot summer days. The gel mat provides chilly relief for dogs and cats without water, electricity, or refrigeration — the gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of use and will provide cooling for up to three hours before it needs to be recharged, which happens automatically for 15-20 minutes. Use it on the floor, couch, pet crate, or bed. It's super lightweight and won't be a hassle to move. Since it's foldable, it's also ideal for travel and for use in the car — it's great to take on the road to help your dog beat the summer heat. This cooling dog mat is ideal for small to medium dog breeds weighing 21 to 45 pounds, and comes in a few sizes.

3. The Boots That Work On Burning Hot Sidewalks 

Hipaw Mesh Dog Boots

Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boots - Amazon, $15.99+

Summertime walks can be dangerous when sidewalks are hot! Direct sunlight on the ground can make walking unbearable for dogs on warm days, so protect your dog's paws from hot weather and sunburn: because if it would burn your feet, it will burn your dogs paws. These breathable mesh boots are ideal for hot days walking on pavement — the non-slip rubber sole protects dogs from hot pavement, sharp rocks, broken glass, and more. Be sure to use the size chart before ordering the boots. They're available in sizes small through XXL. They are breathable, so your dog's paws won't get hot and sweaty. One reviewer writes: "Perfect for hot asphalt and sidewalks and dirt in Tucson in the middle of summer."

4. A Fun Pool That Your Dog Will Love to Play In

JasonWell Foldable Dog Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool - Amazon, $44.98

Dogs like to swim, too! If you live near a river, your pup has probably developed a love for cool water — but your fur baby can continue to beat the heat and cool off in their very own dog pool. It also doubles as a kiddie pool since it's only a foot deep, so your little ones will enjoy some fun in the sun with their furry friend. Be sure to supervise children around pools and never leave them unattended, and you'll also want to make sure your doggie pool is always filled with fresh water. The portable pool is foldable, so bring it to the campsite or Grandma's this summer. No inflation is needed, just open it up and fill it with cold water. It's made of slip-resistant and durable PVC and is available in sizes small through XXL.

5. This Cooling Outdoor Hangout

Best Choice Dog Cot with Canopy

Best Choice Products Elevated Cooling Dog Bed - Amazon, $44.99

Spoil your pup with a shady area that is a comfy alternative to a dog house. It sits outside right where the action is, but with the perfect amount of shade. Since this dog bed is elevated eight inches off the ground, there's room for airflow and keeps your dog's body off hot surfaces. The breathable nylon mesh bed sits under a removable canopy to disperse heat and block the sun — but you can use it indoors if you'd like, as there are four rubber foot caps to protect your floor. Dogs up to 66 pounds can fit on the cooling cot, and it has a tempered steel frame. Set up is 20 minutes without tools: And yes, taking it down is just as easy. Bring it on the road for a vacation at a national park this summer. It comes with a carry bag, making it easy to bring anywhere.

6. The Frozen Treats You Can DIY

Food-Grade Silicone Molds 

IHUIXINHE Food Grade Silicone Mold - Amazon, $8.99

First, check out these frozen dog treat recipes, and then snag these silicone non-stick molds to make them extra-adorable. You might as well rename these Pavlov's Bell because your dog will be drooling every time you take them out. This BPA-free food-grade mold is flexible and easy to clean. Not only is it freeze-proof, but it's also oven-proof and safe for the microwave. After making treats, toss it in the dishwasher for easy clean-up, and you can also make ice cubes with it to add to your pets bowl.

7. These Cooling Bandanas For Style & Comfort

KoolTail Instant Cooling Bandanas

KoolTail Cooling Bandanas (4-Pack) - Amazon, $9.99

This four-pack of cooling bandanas are easy to use: Just soak them in cold water and wring them out, then place them on your dog. They will help keep your dog comfortable for hours, and the material is made of fabric that will further help keep your dog cooler, even as the water evaporates. You can even put these in the fridge for a few minutes to help the cooling power last longer. This comes in a pack of four, fit most dogs, and come in cute summer colors.

Dog owners, your pets will appreciate all you do to keep them cool during this hot summer. Although warm weather does bring the opportunity for fun outdoor activities, you have to take precautions and think of how it can affect your dogs. Also, remember to never leave your pup in a hot car, even in the early morning.

This post was originally published on July 9, 2019.

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