7 Unbeatable Hunting Jackets for Under $300 [PICS]


A hunting jacket is key for when the months turn cooler, but most run for a pretty penny. Here are seven unbeatable hunting jackets for under $300.

By now, we all know that hunting is an expensive hobby to have. Between license fees, firearms, bows, arrows, ammunition, and a serialized bottle of doe urine, who wants to spend over $300 on a new hunting jacket?

Whether you're looking for an all-season jacket, a winter parka, or something to chase turkeys with on a cool spring morning, I've got you covered.

1. ScentBlocker Trinity Alpha Jacket w/ WindBrake Technology, $259.99


It's no secret that some of the best hunting happens when the weather is less than ideal. The Trinity Alpha Jacket with WindBrake is one superb hunting jacket designed to keep you comfortable through the most uncomfortable hunting conditions.


Made from breathable micro fleece, this jacket is not only warm and wind resistant, but also extremely quiet. In addition to this jacket being lined with ScentBlocker Trinity, the cuffs, neckline, and waist can be adjusted to keep odor from escaping.

For an even more customized fit, this hunting jacket is outfitted with two chest cinch straps which allow the jacket to be as snug as you'd like during different seasons.  Depending on the weather conditions, removal of the visor hood is quick and simple, and can be stored in any of the spacious gear pockets.

2. Badlands Alpha Jacket, $269.95

Badlands Jacket

Just because the rain might be pouring down doesn't mean you have to stop hunting. The Alpha Jacket from Badlands is a medium-weight waterproof system that is designed to be very breathable even during the heaviest of rain storms.


When the weather gets tough, simply tighten the wrist straps, pull over the hood and feel confident that the triple-layered waterproof membrane will keep you comfortable through the entire hunt.

No need to worry about overheating either, this hunting jacket is fully-equipped with Badlands Bio-thermic technology which helps to regulate body heat and allows for all-around comfort in the field.

3. Cabela's Bowhunter Xtreme Ultimate Fleece Jacket with ScentLok, $179.99

Cabelas Hunting Jacket

Eliminating movement when drawing back a bow is at the top of every bowhunter's mind when it comes to picking out a jacket. Fortunately, Cabela's Bowhunter Xtreme Jacket is the perfect solution to that issue.


Designed specifically with bowhunters in mind, the Xtreme Jacket has an athletic cut throughout, eliminating unnecessary fabric where you don't need it. Both sleeves are constructed with a revolutionary form-fitting material ensuring that your string won't have any issues when drawing and releasing.

With its 270-weight fleece, this jacket is perfect to handle the warmer weather all the way into the crisp mornings of the mid-season. Lined with ScentLok, this hunting jacket will keep you odor-free every hunt.

4. ScentBlocker Sola Women's Knockout Jacket, $129.99

ScentBlocker Womens Jacket

During early season hunts, when the weather can be quite warm, remaining scent free and cool can be a real challenge.


Worry no more with the ScentBlocker Sola Women's Knockout Jacket. Constructed from a lightweight 100% polyester fabric and lined with ScentBlocker Trinity, this hunting jacket will help to keep you scent free and comfortable during the early fall.

Between two snap pockets and one angled pocket on the chest, carrying gear is no problem for this lightweight system. In addition, this jacket is designed to work well with most treestand harnesses which make drawing your bow simple and quiet.

5. Under Armour Storm Scent Control Soft-shell Jacket, $219.99

Under Armour hunting jacket

No matter whether you're hunting whitetails during the early season or chasing turkeys in the spring, the Storm Scent Control Softershell Jacket from Under Armour is extremely versatile and comfortable.


Designed with a multi-layer fabric, this jacket is windproof, breathable, and the perfect weight for warmer weather hunts. For those who wear a treestand harness, this jacket is designed to comfortably allow your harness to be incorporated without being uncomfortable during your hunt.

6. Gander Mountain Guide Series Storm TecH2O Waterproof Insulated 3-In-1 Parka, $179.99

Gander Mountain hunting jacket

When it's brutally cold, you need a rock-solid system to keep you warm.  The Guide Series Storm TecH2O Waterproof Insulated 3-In-1 Parka from Gander Mountain will help keep you comfortable during the worst weather every time.

This system incorporates a waterproof outer-shell that is coated with a DuPont teflon treatment, helping to bead water down and burrs away from skin. On the interior of the shell, there is a mesh liner which helps to keep this jacket well ventilated.


Even further inside is a liner jacket which can be zipped in for added warmth, or taken out and worn on its own when the weather isn't as cold. Did I mention that this jacket also has a removable storm hood, gigantic cargo pockets and magnetic flap closures?

7. Cabela's Outfitter's Berber Fleece Jacket with 4Most Windshear, $149.00

Cabelas Hunting Jacket

When the frigid winter wind howls, you need a jacket that consistently outperforms the elements. The Outfitter's Berber Fleece Jacket with 4Most Windshear from Cabela's is just what you're looking for.  Constructed from ultra-warm berber fleece, the outfitter jacket will keep you warm in the coldest conditions and is dead quiet.

Cabela's 4Most Windshear lines the inside of this system and protects against the harshest winter winds that can ruin any hunt. Whether worn as an outer jacket or as a layering piece, this system will keep you comfortable throughout the entire season.


No matter what type of game you're after and kind of weather you find yourself in, buying a high quality hunting jacket for under $300 is totally possible.

Save that extra money for another hunting trip and some additional gear!

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