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7 of the Top-Rated Tackle Bags at Cabela's Right Now

Top-rated bags for the top-rated angler. 

The typical angler has a load of things to carry when going out on the water. That's why it's important to have a durable tackle bag.

We've picked out some of the best user-reviewed tackle bags from Cabela's to help get you through your fishing trips. Whether your priority is storage, comfort, or easy access, this list has it all.

Cabela's Fisherman Series™ Tackle Bag


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The seven zippered pockets and two tool holders on this one allow you to store all your accessories. The nonskid rubber feet keep your bag still, too, so you don't to worry about it sliding and spilling all over the place. This bag is on sale for $41.99, and you even get six 3700 tackle boxes with your bag.

Cabela's Fishing Utility Bagtackle bag

For just $14.99, you can get this top-rated utility bag. This bag holds up to six 3500-size utility boxes. The adjustable strap makes it easy for you to carry while the multiple pockets and built-in tool retractor offer plenty of room for your things.

Copper River Fisherman Series Tackle Bag

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Need to get organized? The Copper River bag hods up to four utility boxes and includes six zippered pockets. The nonskid bottom is great for keeping it in place while you're out fishing, and the adjustable strap is comfortable when you're lugging it around. Shop the sale starting at $24.49 and get three utility boxes with your purchase.

Wild River® Nomad Lighted Tackle Packtackle bag

The Wild River tackle pack is equipped with a 13-lumen LED light system for those night time anglers. This bag also includes four medium 3600-style trays with a front cover pocket that folds down. Extra pockets located around the pack allow for storing extra items such as sunglasses. Get this great specialty bag for $179.99.

Cabela's Ladies Fishing Utility Bag

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This ladies' utility bag is perfect for the lady angler. This fishing utility bag holds up to six 3500-sized utility boxes and includes a built in tool retractor. Convenient for the adjustable strap, this bag is easy to carry and holds everything you might need. The boxes are not included when you buy this bag, but I would say that $14.99 is quite the steal.

Wild River® Nomad XP Lighted Backpack with USB Chargertackle bag

This lighted backpack is brilliantly equipped with a USB power supply with a USB cable and four power-adapter tips. It also includes an LED light system for those late nights out on the water. The storage compartments hold up to four 3600-sized utility boxes and two 3500-sized trays. The dual-function front pocket is designed to hold a mobile device or power supply. Get yours with or without a solar charging panel. This one is available for $199.99.

Cabela's Advanced Anglers™ Tackle Bags

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This advanced angling bag comes in four different sizes: small, large, magnum, and super magnum. This bag is built for maximum storage and includes utility boxes as well as perfectly placed pockets. It's also equipped with a nonskid base for sizes large and up. Get yours starting at $29.99.