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Big Diploma Down! These 7 Graduation Gifts for Hunters Are Sure to be a Hit

These seven graduation gifts for hunters are sure to encourage their passion.

To help qualify this list, it should be noted I'm graduating from college this upcoming weekend, and I also thoroughly enjoy deer hunting. This simple list is a safe bet for any graduating hunter from high school or college (and no, this is not secretly a hint for my family...).

1. Sitka Fanatic Hoodie: $189

I get it, there might be a little sticker shock with this piece. But if the graduate in your life loves deer hunting, this is a top-quality piece of hunting gear that is sure to be appreciated for years to come. It can be worn often during the early parts of deer season. From the ground up, this hoodie was made for deer hunters.

2. Sportsman's Box Subscription: Starts at $39

Not set on a single gift? Order a graduate a Sportsman's Box and they'll receive an armful of gifts. They offer different subscription packages based on how long you subscribe. One month is $39 and it ranges all the way to a full year for $420.00.

3. Exodus Lift Mark II Trail Camera: $229


This gift will become available early June, but if someone is willing to stick out schooling, they must have some level of patience! The Lift Mark II is reported to have a less than .4 second trigger speed and full frame HD video. Of course, it also comes with the 5 year theft and damage coverage that Exodus has become popularly known for.

4. Buck Knife: $39.99

A Buck Knife is one of those classic gifts a hunter can hold onto forever. All knives come with a lifetime warranty and will go on many journeys with a new graduate. This might be the best under $40 gift for a hunter.

5. Vortex 10x42 Binoculars: $499.99

Speaking of great warranties and products that give a lifetime of value, meet the Vortex 10x42 binoculars. Vortex Optics will repair or replace these binoculars at no cost to the customer, no questions asked, no registration required. These optics are perfect for any deer hunter who apprecaite a good set of binnos.  

6. RTIC 20 Cooler: $199.99

High-end coolers are something everyone appreciates, but many young hunters don't truly realize how much they'll appreciate one. This cooler is just one of many great choices, perfect for weekend trips.

7. Wicked Tree Saw Combo: $59.99

After using this hand saw personally, I can tell you it's a major improvement over most cheap hand saws. The Tough Combo is perfect for throwing the saw on your belt or keeping your pack organized and handy. Wicked offers a lifetime guarantee for all their saws, so the grad your gifting will be able to use this gift for a very long time.

This list should kick-start your graduation gift guide for anyone who enjoys hunting.