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6 Great Left-Handed Rifles for Deer Hunting

Being left-handed is tough enough as it is, but trying to find a left-handed rifle for deer hunting can feel nearly impossible. In the months leading up to opening day, gun stores feel almost like sports bars on the first night of Monday Night Football—countless people all gathered for a common reason, bursting with excitement and an inflated sense of optimism for long-awaited months beyond the horizon. Over and over again, you'll hear the words, "Can I take a look at that rifle?" But deep in the pit of your stomach, you feel a pressure most hunters have no understanding of, as you know the likelihood of finding a left-handed version of the rifle you really want to hunt with is slimmer than that overpriced tall beer at the bar.

As soon as you ask the salesperson whether or not they sell lefties, you already know the answer before the words ever come out of his or her mouth. "Yeah, I think we might have a couple down at the end," they'll say, and walk you over to two or three guns you'd never want to spend your money on, while a giant rack of righty inventory just hammers home all options you'll never have to pick from.

Surely the market is bleak for left-handed hunters, but it's not quite as bad as you might think. There are quite a few great rifles out there that do come in a left-handed offering; you just have to know where to look. And, fortunately for you, we know just where to find a bunch of them, and we've done you the courtesy of compiling a list of six of our favorites. Deer hunting is calling your name, so you need to be ready to go with the best bolt-action rifle within your budget.

1. Tikka T3 Hunter

The Tikka T3 is a wildly popular rifle among the most hardcore whitetail deer hunters. Available in a left-handed model, this rifle incorporates one of the smoothest actions on today's hunting market.

It's as light as it is rugged, weighing in at less than 7 pounds without any optics. So, when you're putting on the miles through rough country, you don't have to worry about your gun being a physical burden. Additionally, the barrel length is ideal for the versatile hunter, and a detachable polymer magazine makes it wildly efficient with easy removability and a 3- or 4-round capacity, depending on the caliber. All you'll need is a scope of your preference and you'll be ready to chase after that trophy buck with a dependable, accurate hunting rifle.

2. Remington Model 700 CDL

Arguably the most popular deer hunting rifles ever, the Remington Model 700 CDL has proven itself as a high performer in the deer woods since its inception. And, luckily for all you lefties, it now comes in a left-handed configuration.

It's famous for its regal appearance, sporting a finely finished wood stock with checkering at the grips, but it's just as capable as it is pretty. For those shooting standard calibers (.270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield), the Remington 700 integrates a 24-inch carbon steel barrel with a wooden stock and weighs about 7.5 pounds (without optics). The hinged floorplate magazine offers space to hold four cartridges and can be loaded from the top of the receiver.

3. Browning X-Bolt Hunter

The Browning X-Bolt Hunter is oozing with features for a classic deer hunting rifle. If you're the type of hunter who demands the best performance regardless of the conditions, look no further. This famous firearm dons a low-gloss walnut stock to prevent glare in the sun and a super soft recoil pad to keep it from kicking like a mule.

It also comes equipped with Browning's "rotary magazine," which allows cartridges to sit in line with the bolt to make reloading efficient and snag-free. Additionally, the X-Bolt Hunter comes standard with Browning's "feather trigger system," which offers practically zero trigger creep and is screw-adjustable from 3.5 to 5 pounds.

4. Weatherby Mark V Left-Handed Rifle


The Mark V by Weatherby is designed to conquer the most extreme weather deer season can throw at you. Right from the start, you'll notice the composite stock with a gel coat finish is comfortable for carrying and maintaining a steady grip in poor conditions. Weatherby also specifically designed this left-handed rifle with a 54-degree bolt lift, letting you reload fast while keeping your eyes on the target. Available in .257 Weatherby Magnum, .300 Weatherby Magnum or .30-378 Weatherby Magnum, the Mark V is ready to take down the biggest buck around.

5. Ruger American Rifle

Right out of the box, the Ruger American Rifle is ready to go to work for you. Simply adjust the "Marksman Trigger" to your optimal setting, mount your preferred scoped on top of the already-drilled-and-tapped receiver and you're ready to sight it in.

The Ruger American Rifle is available in both standard and compact models depending on your hunting specifications. Both include an extremely lightweight stock, which allows this firearm to stay under 6.5 pounds (without optics). If conditions get rough, feel confident that the serrations on the front of the stock and behind the trigger will keep your hands tight on the rifle and steady for a shot.

6. Thompson/Center Dimension Left-Handed Rifle

For a fully customizable deer hunting rifle without a crazy price tag, the Dimension by Thompson/Center is king. Its lightweight composite stock weighs only seven pounds. It is fully protected with an AMORSOFT coating, which helps with durability and grip.

Need to adjust the length of pull? No problem, because the Dimension allows for stock spacers to be added for the ultimate custom fit. The noticeably high cheek rest is designed to keep the shooter's eye naturally in line with the scope at all times and allows for quick target acquisition. The Dimension comes in .300 Win Mag, .270 Win, and a plethora of your most common calibers. This rifle will be sure to make others in your hunting camp jealous. Just because your trigger finger is on your left hand shouldn't mean that you have to settle for a right-handed deer gun or buy a bottom-of-the-barrel left-handed rifle. To all the lefties out there, good luck in deer woods this season!