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6 Versatile Shotguns That Blast Both the Shells and the Savings

Every shooter needs a shotgun.

Some shotguns can be found at substantial savings over other models. This makes them great all-around purpose guns for hunting, target shooting and self-defense purposes.

For newer shooters looking for a gun that can do it all, a shotgun is probably your best option.

These six shotgun deals will not blast your wallet, but should be able to take care of just about anything else.

1. Remington 870 Express Shotgun

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The Remington 870 Express pump action shotgun is one tough customer. It is a favorite of hunters and law enforcement worldwide due to its dependability.

The Express model may not have the shiny finish of the Wingmaster, but it has the same great action. The gun fires 12 gauge, 3" Magnum shells, proving that the firepower is there for anything you may chase afield.

2. Mossberg 500 Combo Pump Action Shotgun

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Mossberg shotguns are great for both beginning and experienced hunters everywhere, and the 500 pump action is a classic example.

Add interchangeable 28" (hunting) and 18.5" (defensive) barrels, and you can easily see how this 12 gauge shotgun can play many roles. The 500 can also hammer out up to 3" Magnum shells, because why not?

3. Benelli Nova Pump Field Shotgun

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Many shooters think Benelli shotguns are priced out of their budgets. The Nova pump action has changed that concept.

It's a tough weapon with a synthetic stock, great for the heading to the swamps after waterfowl or the uplands after that elusive pheasant. This model will take up to 3.5" magnum, 12 gauge shells.

4. Remington 11-87 Sportsman Field Shotgun

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Remington's 11-87 semi-automatic shotgun is a legend in the firearm world. Veteran shotgunners everywhere can vouch for just how tough and reliable this 28" barreled, 12 gauge beauty really is.

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Chambered for up to 12 gauge, 3" Magnum shells, this quick shooter allows the hunter to keep his eye and attention on the game, instead of cycling the action for another shot. With a standard 5-shot internal tube-fed magazine plus 1 shot in the chamber, the rabbits and squirrels are in serious trouble.

5. Stoeger Coach Gun Side By Side Shotgun


For many shooters, nothing is quicker than a short-barreled, double barrel shotgun. The Stoeger Coach Gun has the perfect features, and also serves well in the cowboy shooting sports arena.

With double triggers and a satin walnut stock, it sure is a pretty little shotgun, too. This one is chambered for 12 gauge shotgun shells up to 3" Magnums. Oh yes, she packs a punch.

6. Mossberg Silver Reserve II Field Over/Under Shotgun

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If you are a fan of the very able 20 gauge shotshell and love over under shotguns, the Mossberg Silver Reserve II is a fine choice.

This easy to carry and light recoiling shotgun is perfect for those times when the mighty 12 gauge shotshell is just plain overkill on game or clay pigeons.