6 Shed Hunting Pics, Videos, and Stories

These are the year's best stories, videos, and more from the world of shed hunting.

We're wrapping up 2017 by sharing some of the best and most-viewed posts, videos, and stories from 2017 and including them in our Wide Open Spaces 12 Days of Top Stories countdown.

This round, we're looking at six of the coolest shed hunting stories we remembered as we looked back to January of 2017. Check them out!

1. Shed Christmas Tree

This clip came across our news desk this year, and though it's a little old, it's still awesome and new to us.

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2. From the Horse's Back

This was easily one of the craziest shed-related stories we've ever ran on Wide Open Spaces.

3. Restricted Shed Hunting

When news came about that some states were restricting, or even banning, shed hunting, we covered it closely.

4. Better News

There was, on the other hand, a few good stories that came on the same front. Good for shed hunters, at least.

5. Antler Man

2017 was the year we met the Antler Man, and we wont soon forget him.

6. HUSHIN Crew and Shed Hunting Dreams

Finally, we had to close with a clip from the HUSHIN YouTube crew's #SHEDTOUR, which made us all incredibly jealous.

That does it for this recap list of the 10 best shed hunting stories we gathered all year.

Be sure to keep checking back daily as we continue our countdown of the 12 Top Stories of 2017.