6 Reasons Reloading Ammo Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Here's why you should consider reloading ammo as your goal for the coming New Year.

What's your New Year's resolution going to be?

We're always trying to better ourselves with January's fresh beginnings, but we've got an idea that would be great for gun owners, hunters and target shooters across the board.

Reloading ammunition should be a yearly goal for each and every one of us, and we've come up with six solid reasons why. Of course, the necessary equipment and supplies require some up-front costs, but the long-running advantages are many.

These are the reasons why we think reloading ammo is a smart New Year's resolution.

1. Money saved

It's the first reason because it's the most important; reloading your own ammo saves a ton. Collecting spent casings and scrap lead helps knock down the price per trigger pull, and buying in bulk is always worth the investment.

Do it enough and get good at it, and your reloading efforts will pay dividends.

2. Time saved

How many times have you anticipated a range trip, but then realized you're low on ammo? Making a run to the store or waiting for an online order to be delivered takes precious time away from shooting. And there's nothing worse than having to visit multiple outlets to find the caliber or type of ammo you need.

Reloading will lower or eliminate those moments spent searching for and purchasing ammunition because you've already got it on hand.

3. Trouble saved


This reason mirrors the last, but it's worth expanding on. Sometimes, the only ammo sources or outlets you have available to you are out of stock. In other situations, you're only allowed to buy so much per purchase. In a worst-case scenario, a shortage caused by any number of things could mean you won't have the ammo you need any time soon, if at all.

Do it all yourself, and reloading will become a good way to avoid all those hassles.

4. Knowledge gained

The fact that you can experiment with various elements of your reloaded ammo means you're going to take better ownership of your firearms and the rounds you send through them. Maybe you realize a lower ratio of powder makes your handgun easier to clean, or that a long-distance cartridge won't perform well when it's shot from your compact rifle.

That kind of knowledge is valuable, and reloading is the best way to gain it.

5. Customizable


Bouncing off of the basic knowledge you'll gain from reloading, the customizable features of your homemade rounds can mean a whole more lot to a gun owner. You can cook up cartridges that are rare, hard to find, or even nonexistent in today's market.

A special caliber or distinctive bullet is easier to come by when you're making it in your own home with your own reloading tools.

6. Feeling of accomplishment

Imagine what it would feel like to know you harvested a deer with a reloaded bullet, or shot a tight group with experimental rounds you cooked up yourself. There's some significant value in knowing how big of a role you played in the build up to your success.

Hit the bullseye with a homemade round, and you'll feel it.

There are always competing ideas for resolutions when the end of the calendar year rolls around, but reloading ammo ought to land higher on the list than it usually does.

Make this year the one in which you finally change that, and become a reloader. You'll thank yourself later.