Mady Crowley

6 Reasons Why Fall Camping is the Best Camping

Camping is one of my favorite outdoor activities, especially during the fall.

Many people believe the camping season ends after labor day. With the days growing shorter and colder and the holiday season approaching, it may seem like a bad time to take to the woods or mountains from some fresh air. Except, fall is actually the best time of year to camp and here's why:

1. Cheaper Rates

Overnight rates for campsites may be cheaper during the offseason than the busier months. Many primitive spots and some parks lower their rates due to a decrease in required maintenance.  I've come across a few places that actually increase their fees because of a lack of usage in the fall, but those are few and far between. Do some research to avoid those locations.

2. Better Views

Fall is a perfect time to get out and see leaves fall and foliage change. There may also be some early snows, creating beautiful scenery. Spending a few days and nights surrounded by nature as it changes is a remarkable experience.

3. Unique Wildlife

During the fall, many animals change their typical patterns. Larger animals may be entering their mating season or preparing for winter. This gives you a unique opportunity to see bears getting ready to hibernate, whitetail bucks locking heads or possibly even hear a bull elk bugling.

4. Cooler Temperatures

While colder weather means heavier gear, it also means bigger and better fires and, of course, more cuddling!

5. Less Bugs

Certain regions may not struggle with those pesky swarms of gnats that we deal with in the Southeast, but they usually still have flies and mosquitos. Fall camping means less of those.

6. Less Crowds

If you've ever camped at a popular location during a summer holiday weekend, you know the struggle of crowds. In the fall there are fewer people, which means more solitude, privacy and quality time with nature.

If you're heading out for an overnight fishing or hunting trip, or just looking to take a break in the outdoors, try camping this fall.