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6 Great Outdoor Videos to Take Your Mind Off Things

In a time of crisis, there's nothing better than escaping to the Great Outdoors.

With coronavirus flipping the world economy on its head, it's starting to feel like everyone is unraveling. Fortunately, we outdoorsmen and women know the timeless, universal medicine for complicated times.

Whether we find ourselves in personal crises, stressful circumstances within our careers or in the eye of a global catastrophe such as this, Mother Nature always delivers.

So without further adieu, let's take a break from the dark and gloomy headlines smeared across the Internet and the exhausting collision of political agendas, and instead sit back and enjoy some awesome videos of our favorite pastimes.

Project Upland: Hunting Mearns, Scaled, and Gambel's Quail in Arizona

Upland bird hunting offers a chance to experience some of the world's most beautiful birds, but it also provides hunters the chance to experience some pretty incredible country.

Project Upland has an unmatched ability to capture these places, as well as the romance between wingshooters and their respective bird dogs.

This video showcases the pursuit of Arizona's famed quail trifecta, which includes Gambel's, scaled and Mearn's quail.

The Hunting Public: Coyote Tries to Steal a Turkey

The Hunting Public, a YouTube channel that tries to relate to all hunters, consistently posts awesome hunting videos.

Here we see a bowhunter almost lose his turkey to a coyote, but fortunately is able to scare it away.

This gobbler was a stud, too.

BmpFishing: Palaniuk vs. Cameraman

Brandon Palaniuk hasn't only made a name for himself with wins in bass fishing tournaments, but also with videos on the Internet.

In this clip, he faces off with cameraman Kyle Vandever to see who can catch more fish on a pair of little kids' rods.

BlacktipH: Catching Blacktip Sharks

BlacktipH knows a thing or two about blacktip sharks, obviously. Unlike most of Josh Jorgensen's videos, which are from a boat, this fishing adventure takes place on the beach.

Throughout the video, Jorgensen uses downtime to explain how surf fishing for sharks inspired his saltwater fishing career, and how it remains his favorite way to fish for sharks.

If you've never watched Jorgensen's videos before, you'll quickly realize how much knowledge this guy has to offer.

Orvis: 90 and Counting

For most of us, there come an age where many of our favorite activities no longer seem realistic. Some of us try to pack our younger years in with all the experiences we can fit, while others try to make up for lost time once they feel age catching up to them.

Then there are those who always go hard and never quit, and 90-year-old Leigh Perkins undoubtedly falls in this category.

Watch as he throws flies and hunts ducks with the same determination he's maintained throughout his entire life.

MeatEater: Michigan Turkey Hunt

MeatEater has become the unquestioned leader of outdoors entertainment, partly because its videos boast top-tier production quality, but also because Rinella and his buddies have so much wisdom to share with us.

Here we see his right-hand man, Janis Putelis, take down a beautiful spring gobbler in his home state of Michigan.

If you weren't excited about spring turkey season already, you should be now!