5 Ways Off-Road Tires on Your Truck Will Make You a Better Hunter

You might not think it's all that obvious, but a good set of off-road tires can rub off on your hunting success.

You've heard it before: go farther and try harder than other hunters, and you'll reap the rewards. That can be interpreted a lot of ways, but the first and foremost meaning is literal. Drive your vehicle further away from the main roads, and you're going to set yourself up better than most.

Simply put, a hunting truck or SUV that can handle off-road conditions is a good way to improve your situation.

Objective number one when building a good hunting vehicle should be off-road tires. There are a few crystal clear reason why they'll be a benefit for hunters, and a few that aren't so obvious. We'll fill you in on them all, and let you decide if you want to inch closer to harvesting that giant buck or banded goose badly enough.

1. Tackle the terrain and go farther

When it comes right down to it, there's only so much a typical vehicle can handle. Unless you're cruising in a truck that has good off-road tires, there comes a point where you're going to have to say "Well, I just can't go any farther."

That's when most folks, especially public land hunters, settle for parking and starting to walk. It limits the distance they can travel, and starting their energy expenditures early.

A hunting truck that has been equipped with something like Yokohama's Geolandar tires can get thru gnarly trails and tackle mud, snow, and ice better than a set of factory tires any day.

Take it to the limits, and you'll be less likely to run into other hunters, eliminating a large portion of the competition.

2. Basic maintenance and upgrades teach good lessons

If you're doing things yourself, like changing your own tires and improving upon your vehicle's stock features, you're acting in the same fashion as a good hunter.

Very few of us stick with the same factory models of our guns, bows, or other accessories. We're always tinkering, adjusting, and adding things to our setup to customize the experience.

Do that the right way, and you're going to see an advantage in your overall performance.

3. Conditions be damned

How many times have you had to say "Never mind" to a potential hunt because of nasty weather? When there's too much of a safety concern getting you to your spot, it's sometimes best to just skip it.

That safety concern can lessen when you're equipped with a good off-road vehicle that's got the tires to blaze a trail. While others sit at home, you're going to be sitting in a blind or treestand because your truck could handle it.

4. Cover more ground when scouting

Even well into the season, just looking for game is often more than half the battle. If you aren't sure where the elk herd is, or which pond the ducks are landing in, you're going to have a tough time.

Imagine if you could go over that next hill, or travel through the valley deeper, and do it quickly on wheels instead of trekking on foot. With a sharp eye and a vehicle that can go almost anywhere, you're bound to increase your odds.

5. The pack out

Big game hunters know that once the trigger is pulled on a successful shot, the real job begins. Mountainous terrain can be the biggest obstacle to retrieving game meat, and if you've got an elk or moose to deal with, you've got your work cut out for you.

Imagine how easily your hunting truck could improve that situation. A shorter distance on foot equals a better chance of getting everything that's useable back to camp. Go farther off-road and you're doing yourself a big favor when it's time to pack out.

These things can and do help hunters across the continent accomplish their goals, and it should be a no-brainer. Adding off-road tires, the kind you know are going to outperform, is going to make you a better hunter.

When you cover more ground and go farther than the rest, there's only better luck in the long run.