5 Things to Equip Your Hunting Camp With Before Next Season

Ready for the ultimate deer camp improvements? Not without these five things, you aren't.

Sometimes a simple, minimalistic deer camp is best. Other times, you need to deck you and your hunting buddies out with the kind of gear and equipment that can actually make a big difference, and help improve not only your property, but your time spent on it.

Here are a few things, all conveniently available through one online marketplace, GovPlanet.com. They supply the general public with former military equipment, that's served its time for its country, and is now ready for use in your deer camp.

1. Humvee

Clearly, a rough, tough, and no-nonsense deer camp vehicle is a necessity. We've seen Jeeps, old pickup trucks, and even a convertible or two serve as a mode of hunting transportation, but few things can beat a Humvee.

Plenty of room for a crew, lots of cargo space, and a real serious engine... that's just about all you need, right?

All the Humvees sold through GovPlanet are surplus vehicles, and are available via a safe and secure online auction. It's basically a way for government agencies to speed up the sale process, and help get these things into the hands of folks who can use them. Like, you know, a hunting camp owner who wants to haul five buddies and drive out to the stands before daybreak once the season gets rolling.

2. Kitchen Trailer

Never heard of a Kitchen Trailer? You're missing out. Military members past and present might recognize the all-inclusive food prep trailers, which can include burners, coolers, food containers, movable cabinets, griddles, and more. Plus, it's all stationed on a reliable trailer, making it easy to move around.

Known as the "K-Trailer" amongst servicemen, this could easily be one of the best additions a deer camp ever receives.

3. Tanker

GovPlanet sells 6x6 and 8x8 tanker trucks, and they're not only good for storing fuel, but also watering your food plots 500 gallons at a time.

These trucks often include CTIS (Central Tire Inflation Systems). CTIS allows you to input the terrain you are driving on, and the truck will automatically regulates the PSI in your tires to allow for optimum traction. These systems will also continuously pump air into your tire if it is punctured or leaking. How cool is that?

4. Generator

It's usually a tough task to bring power to the really remote places some of our deer camps are located in, so a generator makes a lot of sense.

Even if you have power, you never know when you could lose it, and having a back up generator can give you peace of mind that when you're out hunting, you don't have to worry about losing electricity or power back at camp.

5. Refrigerated Shipping Container

How many times have you wished you had a walk-in fridge to butcher a deer in?

These are skid-mounted, so you can move them pretty easily with a forklift.

And where are you going to find a forklift for your deer camp? Trust us, the list of things you'll use available from GovPlanet.com goes on and on.

So now that you have the ideas, start adding to your hunting camp to make this upcoming season the best yet.