5 Reasons Penn Still Leads the Big Fish Game

Saltwater fishing is an expensive hobby that wears down your gear quickly. Fortunately, Penn has you covered.

Brands come and go, especially in the outdoor industry.

Then there's Penn Fishing, who's been at it for 1932.

Here are the five reasons Penn continues to dominate big time saltwater fishing.

1. Options

There are countless styles and setups that can be used for saltwater fishing. Penn tackles all of them in elite fashion.

They offer state-of-the-art rods for jigging, trolling, surf fishing, inshore, offshore...you name it, they have it.

Reels aren't in short supply either. Penn boasts one of the largest selections of conventional reels, in addition to their premium spinning and baitcast reels used for smaller species.

2. Durability

The easiest way to sum up Penn's durability is by pointing to the the resilience of the classic Penn Senator. A reel that comes in at a number of different price points with an array of different features to pick from, the Senator is built to last in the toughest of conditions.

For this reason, it has become one of the most popular reels used by big-game surf fisherman.

The power of wind, salt and sand is enough to break down the mechanics of any machine, but Penn's brute of a reel can withstand it all.

3. Affordability

What's not to love about a company that sells conventional reels for $60? So many fishermen who have an interest in trying out saltwater face one common problem: they can't afford it.

Undoubtedly, big-game saltwater fishing is the big leagues in the fishing world. So how does someone begin to cover costs when they're just starting out?

Penn not only offers elite, high-end fishing gear, but they also sell all the necessities at an affordable price for beginners.

4. Performance

Penn rods and reels have earned a reputation of performing at a high level across the board. The soon-to-come International 130 VSX is a prime example of their superiority among the industry's best reels, as it boasts a maximum drag of 100 pounds along with unmatched durability.

Additionally, Penn rods continue to improve as technology progresses. Several of their most popular offshore rods, such as the International and the Tuna Stick, feature both Aftco roller guides and Pac-Bay turbo guides for most optimal line protection available, in addition to a Stuart aluminum reel seat for unbeatable strength.

5. Accessibility

Above all, Penn is a well-known brand, which goes farther than you might think. In the event your rod or reel needs to be serviced, it's good to have something others are familiar with.

Also, when buying a rod or reel, it's always nice to see it in action first. Well, Penn has a relatively large YouTube audience whom they provide product reviews, fishing videos, an plenty more. Having the ability to compare by performance is a luxury to anyone buying fishing gear.