5 Reasons a Field & Stream Packable Rain System Belongs in Your Pack

Bring along some of Field & Stream's packable hunting gear, and you'll be several steps ahead.

How many times have you sat through a rainstorm, eager to laugh in the face of the elements because you're determined to sit long enough to have a successful hunt?

If you've done it with subpar rain gear, you probably weren't able to answer that question, because you're too often bailing on a hunt due to wet and uncomfortable conditions.

There's a game-changing line of hunting gear that you can use in any sort of wet weather, no matter if it's a steady sprinkle or an utter downpour. It's Field & Stream's Packable Rain Hunting Jacket and Pants, and there are so many reasons why they stand up above the rest.

We narrowed the reasons down to five big ones, and we're hoping they'll convince you that this is the gear to turn to when you're in need of protection from the rain.

1. You can't predict the weather

Hunters do their best to check moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, and especially weather reports, but they should know it's never a perfect science.

But wearing bulky rain gear when there isn't a drop falling from the sky can be a drag. It's rarely quiet, it's often too hot, and you're not going to be comfortable.

2. It's 100% packable

If you don't need it, don't wear it. But when you do need it, the Packable Rain Gear from Field & Stream is ideal. It folds down and gets stuffed into its own pouch, and takes up so little room there's zero excuse to not have it. Shove it in your pack or even a large pocket, and you will have it at a moment's notice.

If you live in a place like we do, you know weather can change quickly, so it's best to be prepared.

3. It's well-designed

The last thing you need is rain gear that doesn't do it's number one job: keep you dry.

You won't have to worry about Field & Stream's line of Packable Rain Gear, because its 100 percent polyester shell and laminate provides unbeatable protection against the elements.

The apparel utilizes HydroProof Ultra, which provides a windproof and waterproof barrier. The jackets and pants are fully seam sealed and the DWR finish provides added protection. The zippered front opening of the jacket has an exterior storm flap which reinforces the water-tight design, and the elasticized waist with adjustable draw cord provides a perfectly customized fit.

4. The camo patterns are on point

Usually you're stuck with one, and maybe two options of camo patterns when you're shopping for hunting rain gear. Field & Stream offers three choices: Realtree MAX-1, MAX-5, and Mossy Oak Break Up Country. These diversify where and when you'll be able to use the jacket and pants.

5. You'll be adding seasons worth of use

A lot of rain gear (and waterproof stuff in general) can lose its effectiveness over time. That's not really an issue with the Field & Stream jackets and pants, though we haven't had them long enough to make a true statement about their longevity. If early indications are correct, these seem as though we'll be using them for a while, and maybe even passing them on to our kids.

If those reasons have begun to convince you, it's well worth finding out what Field & Stream Packable Rain Gear can do. Don't get caught in the rain and sacrifice time hunting when you could just as easily be prepared with the right stuff.