giant morel mushrooms
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5 Monster Morel Mushrooms That'll Get Your Mouth Watering

It's that time of year when morel mushroom hunters flock to the woods with bags in search of one of nature's delicacy. If you've ever had a morel mushroom freshly picked and deep-fried, you know what all the buzz is about.

My mouth is watering just writing about them. Sometimes size does matter, and when you find mushrooms like these, it's about quality not quantity.

With one lucky find, you can have as much to eat as you would finding 10 littles ones. Now, check out these five giant morels, then go outside and try to find some of your own!

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Missouri Monster!

The Ware family found this mushroom on a hunt near Old Mines in Washington County. The Missouri Department of Conservation said the morel was 12 inches tall and the cap measured 13 inches in diameter.

Georgia Giant!

Chris Matherly struck morel gold when he found this monster of a mushroom in Georgia. He video records the whole experience, but this 13-inch wasn't the only big one he found that day. He found tons of mushrooms and happened to also walk up on these two huge morels that were side-by-side as well!

 All Right Iowa!

giant morel mushrooms

Kelly Young found this ridiculously large morel and picked it up along the railroad tracks south of Walnut, Iowa. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says they've never recorded one this big. It weighed 1.5 pounds, and it was 15 inches tall and 14 inches around.

Huge Hoosier!

Youngster Jayden Graber was putting dinner on the table after this hunt! He found this giant morel near Linton, Indiana. You can see from the picture below that he was pretty pumped about his find.

Who wouldn't be excited about a mushroom almost a foot tall?

Big Kansas Find

Jack Sherbo found a whole meal in one pick on this Kansas mushroom hunt. Sherbo was no stranger to mushroom hunting, and this was the largest he'd ever found. The morel measured 12 inches tall and 14 inches around.

Sherbo once found 546 in one spot on a three-hour walk. That's what you call a "honey hole!"

Hungry Yet?

It's that time of year now, but it doesn't last long. Grab a bag, lace up your shoes and hit the woods. Who know? Maybe you'll be able to top these mushrooms.

No matter the size, any morel find is a good find. Who else's stomach is growling right now?