5 of the Best Tents That Are Easy on the Wallet

Camping season makes you want to head outside. These are the best tents you can get for less than you'd expect.

Every year around this time, we start getting the itch. The attraction to the woods gets stronger. We can hear it calling to us.

What do we do? We head outdoors and look for great camping spots. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, or how convenient the campgrounds are, a subpar tent is always going to make the experience worse than it needed to be.

That's because if you're hip to what you need, and you look for economical choices, you can easily find a great tent at or under your budget. Sportsman's Guide is a good place to start looking, and that's where we found these five picks that would all be great value for the money.

Plus, they'd assure you get a good, protected night's sleep while out exploring the great outdoors.

1. French Military Surplus F1 Tent

Go old school with this new surplus 2-person tent. This simple design gets the job done well with a low profile. Not all tents have to be bright, shiny colors.

2. Columbus Sunridge Dome Tent

This simple tent allows plenty of room at a bargain price. An 8'x8' is a perfect starter tent. This is a great choice for a young camper who needs their first tent of their very own.

3. Texsport Hide-A-Way Camouflage 3 Person Dome Tent

In the market for a camouflage tent? Stay concealed in this tent for those who like to camp in peace. It'd make a great tent for an overnight hunting trip, too. If you're on public land, make sure you add some blaze orange at the top of the tent, visible from all sides, for safety reasons.

4. Guide Gear 4-Person Speed Up Dome Tent

When it's time to camp, a confusing and difficult tent set up process can set the stage for a bad trip. This easy up tent allows you to be inside, unpacking and setting up sleeping spaces in mere minutes. It's a handy option to have when rain is on the way and your eyes are weary.

5. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

A tent you can set up in your truck bed that has room for two is completely ingenious. If you're in snake and bug territory, is can be a godsend. You can't say you've fully taken advantage of your pickup until you've gone truck camping.