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5 New Pieces of Hunting Apparel That Will Catch Every Hunter's Eye

As ATA and SHOT Show wrap up, it's time to look at some of the latest and greatest hunting apparel hitting the market this year.

With most hunting seasons wrapping up, most outdoorsmen are shifting their focus toward spring gobbler season and fishing. However, January hosts a slew of trade shows that keep us excited for the next deer season to roll in.

While these shows offer a wide variety of gear, this year showed us a particularly impressive range of apparel, so we've decided to dive in.

Which of these new products will be added to your collection this offseason?

Irish Setter MudTrek

irish setter

I've been hunting in Irish Setter boots for years and have always been pleased with the results. The boots boast comfort, style and, most of all, longevity.

I haven't replaced one pair, and I find myself succumbing to brand loyalty, something I very rarely do.

The MudTrek boots maintain that Irish Setter standard I've come to love, offering hunters the best option for when the ground is wet and muddy.

Among the lightest on the market, they come in a snug, athletic fit or a roomier traditional fit. Irish Setter also offers a variety of different insulation options to keep your feet at the right temperature.

Nomad Elevated Whitetail System


Nomad is here to stay, plain and simple. Rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, the hunting apparel brand has made a statement with its top-shelf level of quality.

After one glance at their booth at ATA, you can tell they have apparel for literally any kind of hunting.

Now, it'll take its whitetail line to a new level, as the Elevated Whitetail System may be the best choice out there for deer hunting.

Nomad combines quiet pockets, ventilation zippers and warm interior lining to create the most comfortable and practical clothing for the treestand.

Under Armour Forest AS Camo

under armour

Under Armour is right there with Nomad as a budding brand taking over the hunting industry. Sure, Under Armour has been a household name for a while, but its introduction and rapid rise to the top of the hunting sector is remarkable.

The upper-tier brand made a big splash at SHOT Show 2020 with the debut of its newest camouflage pattern, Forest AS (all season), which looks to blend in as many wooded environments as possible.

Under Armour gear is no joke, either. Just ask Remi Warren or Cameron Hanes.

Badlands Turkey Vest Pack

badlands turkey vest

Best known for its packs, Badlands is starting to branch out a little more. For the first time ever, it will sell a turkey vest for all those after spring gobblers.

The vest sports a slew of pockets, giving avid turkey hunters an easy way to organize a wide variety of calls. Two circular pockets on the front provide sleek storage for pot calls, while a slender pocket on the other side fits a standard-size box call.

Diaphragm calls fit in a magnetic pocket up near the chest (which is a whole lot quieter than velcro), and additional zipper pockets offer storage for any other miscellaneous items.

As vest and day packs continue to become more and more of a standard among turkey hunters, Badlands picked the perfect time to dabble in the springtime rush.

Muck Wetland Pro Snake Boot

muck boot

Muck Boots have been the go-to rubber footwear choice forever. At ATA 2020, however, they announced something new: a snake-proof version of their famous wetland boots.

Featuring full rubber coverage thats snake-certified and 100-percent waterproof, these serve as the do-it-all kickers for those hunting in snake country.

With an EVA midsole and a 3D Airmesh lining, these boots will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day.

Stay tuned for more ATA 2020 and SHOT Show 2020 coverage here at Wide Open Spaces.